Mahatma Ela : Why Is it Better? Here What You Need To Know!

Thank you for visiting Mahatma ELA, a learning and assessment platform developed in partnership with Mahatma Montessori Schools. This system is a complete end-to-end solution for schools, from developing learning goals for each grade level to creating lesson plans, designing and producing worksheets, adaptive learning technologies, analytical tools, and much more.

It’s an all-encompassing approach to learning that incorporates everything from classroom instruction to in-depth analytics, guaranteeing that each student receives a personalized learning support system. Education is a never-ending process; at our school, we nurture each student’s innate intellect and build their self-esteem so that they can make a difference in the world by serving others. When it comes to adapting to a new environment and taking on new tasks, young children have the ability and desire to succeed.

All pupils will receive a high-quality education from Mahatma Gandhi, who ensures that they will be equipped to succeed in all aspects of their lives. Students’ academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular abilities are all bolstered by Mahatma, an all-encompassing educational program.

Mahatma Ela Offers The Following Services To Educational Institutions and School

Our school constantly pushes students to think and act freely, taking responsibility for their own activities in order to become world-class citizens.

  • Assessment
  • Academics
  • ERP Services
  • Learning Management system
  • Professional Services
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Teacher Management
  • Student Guidance
  • School Meal
  • Content Management
  • Visual & Performing arts
  • Student Guidance
  • Safety & Security
  • School Transport

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Why Mahatma Ela App?

It’s a never-ending journey; our faculty cultivates each student’s awareness and self-confidence, enabling them to change the world through service. In an aggressive environment, young children are adaptive, active, and ready to take on challenges.

Individuals who attend college under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi will receive an exceptional education and be empowered to succeed in all areas of their lives. Children’s holistic and cognitive capacities are promoted by Mahatma’s comprehensive platform, which includes academics, co-curricular activities, and more-curricular sports activities.

Our Features

A Study Plan For Students

Live Class

Teachers and students communicate via high-quality video conferencing.

In-Depth Tests
Students’ abilities can be evaluated in a variety of ways.

Several of our professors produce podcasts on a regular basis.

Recorded Lectures for the Internet
In order to help our students review material at their own pace, we have recorded our lectures.

Timetables for classes
Class schedules can be found in a calendar. The app sends out reminders.

Observe Your Progress.
Various graphs make it easy for students to keep track of their progress. Worksheets Our website contains an enormous collection of worksheets that may be viewed at any time.

Extracurricular activities are a part of each topic. Activities for students in grades K-12 are featured in our blog.

Online Report Card

Every student has access to a customized report card.

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