Maki Zenin’s Jujutsu Kaisen Power Is Explained In Detail (2022)

Written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, the 2018 supernatural manga series Jujutsu Kaisen is the work of George. There are around 150 chapters spread across 15 volumes, with the first one going on sale in 2018. This anime got the Crunchyroll Best Anime Award 2021 for its release in 2020. It also has a significant fan base that is progressively expanding in numbers, especially with its forthcoming release of a new film, due to its unique character design and well-written plot. Yuji Itadori, a high school student, becomes the host of a cursed spirit known as Sukuna in this anime.

This leads to him being accepted into Tokyo Jujutsu High School, as other afflicted spirits are drawn to him because of his cursed energy. This is where he meets friends, teachers, and others who can help him progress and prepare for the future. Cursed technique and other skills are just the tip of the iceberg for his exclusive circle of friends. Jujutsu sorcerers generally need cursed energy to practice their art, but Maki Zenin is an exception. At the beginning of the series, Maki had relatively little cursed energy, but things changed as the plot progressed. Our article on Jujutsu Kaisen’s Maki Zenin Power is now available for your perusal.

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Power of Maki Zenin in Jujutsu Kaisen

It is stated that the Zenin Clan, one of three major families, is descended from some of history’s most spiteful spirits, and Maki Zenin is a member of that family. Complications arise, though, because she is identical to Mai Zenin. When two children are born from one womb, they both share the same cursed energy that is designed for just one soul. After the birth of the twins, there was an unequal distribution of cursed energy, which left Maki with a very low amount of it. Maki is reliant on cursed equipment and weapons to defend herself in the jujutsu world because her cursed energy is so low. As a result of her Heavenly Restriction, she can acquire the ability to augment her physical capabilities.

Although she has cursed tools, great strength and agility, and incredible flexibility and durability, it is Maki’s determination and perseverance that sets her apart from the rest of the pack. Despite her family’s efforts to keep her ranked as a Fourth-Grade Sorcerer, she can exorcise a Second-Grade Cursed Spirit. It’s not uncommon for her to be able to outperform even Grade 1 Sorcerer in certain situations. It was in the Goodwill Event Arc that she planned a plan to deal with Aoi Todo, as well as make sure all the others in the group benefited from it. Even with Heavenly Restriction, she managed to take on Special Grade Cursed Spirit Hanami and did better than those who were far higher ranking than her.

Maki Zenin's Jujutsu Kaisen Power

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In Jujutsu Kaisen, Maki Zenin’s Abilities are Highlighted.

Superhuman Strength

We saw Maki practice a variety of fighting tactics many times. She has the strength and control to easily body smash opponents to the ground. In the Goodwill Event Arc, she was shown to be capable of causing damage with a baseball. She has an advantage in close-range combat because of her training in aikido martial arts. Heavenly Restriction increases the potency of all of these abilities even further.

Weapons Master

Maki’s reliance on weaponry has always worked in her favor because she lacks cursed energy. It’s easy to exploit being underestimated and then showing off a wide range of weapons as a surprise. When it comes to weaponry, she has the ability to modify, break, and use them to their full potential without delay. During the Goodwill event Ark, she demonstrated this particularly well by using each weapon to the very maximum while always having a backup ready. As evidenced by the previous manga episode, her weapon of choice is really particular and carefully thought out. Dragons Bone is a metal polearm and her glasses are among her most frequently used cursed equipment.

The Ability to Think Quickly and Logically

Since she was a child, Maki has been able to benefit from the best jujutsu instruction possible thanks to her ties to the Zenin Clan. Now that she is no longer a member of the clan, she has put her expertise to use. She is able to take risks without fear of serious injury because of her fast thinking and excellent intellect. For example, she’s capable of anticipating the next move of her opponent while also preparing for the future.

Maki Zenin's Jujutsu Kaisen Power

Reaction Time and Speed are both Essential.

Maki’s physique has been refined over years of self-training to the point that it can react rapidly to strikes and counter them just as quickly. Short-range assaults can swing a fight’s balance in a matter of seconds since she can quickly narrow the distance between herself and her opponent. She also uses a variety of high-speed attacks and changes distance from her opponent to switch between long and short-range blows.

Intuitive Directing Abilities

A devoted mentor, Maki has shown herself to be throughout the series. Despite her extensive battle experience, she is never satisfied with what she already knows. As she teaches people the talents and information she has, she grows as a person herself. When she has the chance to practice with friends like Yuta and Megumi as well as Panda, her knowledge and skills in cursed tactics and combat styles are vastly improved.

Finally, She is Likened to Toji Ishiguro.

For the sake of a conclusion, let’s take a look at what happened recently in Chapter 150 of the manga. After Maki and Mai lose a fight with their father and are sent to the punishment chamber, they enter carrying a cursed sword. In the end, Mai sacrifices her life in order to maybe become a cursed weapon. Mai tells Maki that she will remove the cursed energy, but not before asking him to deal with the Zenin Clan. As a result, near the end of the chapter, Maki is likened to Toji Ishiguro. It’s possible that she’s now completely free of cursed energy and has used all of her heavenly restrictions to their full potential.

We sincerely hope that this essay about the Power of Maki Zenin in Jujutsu Kaisen has aroused your curiosity or added to your existing theories. Until then, remain safe, tuned in, and thrilled because we’ll be back with yet another excellent story.