March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3 Release Date Status: Is it Confirmed Officially?

As time goes on, more and more people are falling in love with Anime. March Comes Like a Lion is an anime series that we’ll be discussing today. Chica Umino is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series, March Comes in Like a Lion. Originally published in sixteen tank volumes in the seinen manga magazine Young Animal by Hakusensha, this work is an adaptation.

It’s all about Rei Kiriyama, an introverted shogi player, in the manga series. Akiyuki Shinbo and Kenjirou Akada serve as the show’s writers and directors, respectively. Both the first and second seasons of this anime series debuted on NHK G in October of 2016 and October of 2017, respectively.

Reactions to the series were purchased by Shaft. However, Aniplex of America purchased the rights to March Comes like a lion and released it between December 2017 and April 2019. Numerous awards, including the Kodansha Manga Award, Osamu Cultural Prize and Grand Prix of the Japan Media Arts Festival’s manga section, have been bestowed to the manga series. March Comes Like a Lion is lauded for its combination of psychological and physical study of its characters. Overall, the series was well-received by reviewers and viewers.

Release Date Of March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3

The third season of March Comes Like a Lion has not yet been renewed, which means we will not be able to see the show until the fourth season is released. The series’ creators revealed in a press conference on October 24, 2021, that the show would not be renewed for the time being. The fans who had been looking forward to the third season of March Comes like a lion must have been disappointed by the outcome of the season. Yet again, the third season of March Comes Like a Lion is awaiting the development of a compelling plot and the development of an audience committed to watching the series for the whole season.

March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3

Plot Of March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3

Season 3 of March Comes Like a Lion has yet to be settled on a storyline. In order to keep the story’s momentum while simultaneously engaging the audience, the author had to take certain liberties with the plot to keep the character’s point of view clear. In terms of the show’s storyline, this is one option.

Alternatively, the show’s second narrative potential is that Rei re-connects with his family through dreams and is able to converse with them while they are asleep. However, in the real world, everyone is working to dissuade him from believing it is all a dream. March Comes like a lion season 3 would benefit greatly from Rei’s struggle to convince people that he has a family and his desire to find that family’s affection.

March Comes Like a Lion Season 1 and 2 Recap

March Comes Like a Lion’s first and second seasons had a very uninteresting storyline. His adoptive family had to deal with the grief of losing his family as a youngster, and then having to relocate with them when he was only 17 years old. Meanwhile, back in his own world, Rei meets three sisters Akari, Hinata, and Momo who are polar opposites of his own and brimming with enthusiasm at every turn.

They continue to appreciate and live life to the fullest despite their difficult living situations. Suspense builds as readers wonder if Rei will be able to find happiness while still juggling his romantic relationships, or whether he will be doomed to live out the rest of his days grieving. That’s the gist of the narrative.

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 Cast Of March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3

March Comes like a Lion has yet to make any formal statements about the release of its third season. March Comes like a lion’s third season may include the following characters:

  • Rei Kiriyama
  • Akari Kawamoto
  • Hinata Kawamoto
  • Momo Kawamoto
  • Kuro-chan, Shiro-chan and Mike Chan
  • Eisaku Noguchi
  • Takashi Hayashida
  • Someji Kawamoto
  • Yūsuke Takahashi
  • Shōichi Matsunaga
  • Tatsuyuki Misumi

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Trailer Of March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3

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End Lines

Sangatsu no Lion Shwa Ibun (March comes in like a lion) spinoff manga Hideaki Nishikawa’s Young Animal magazine stated on Friday that it would finish in the magazine’s next issue on March 27.

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