Markiplier’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $28 million as of 2022. Markiplier is the online alias of American YouTuber Mark Edward Fischbach, who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. When it comes to subscribers, he currently ranks 48th on YouTube with more than 10.7 billion views and 23.5 million followers as of April 2019.

Who is Markiplier?

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on the 28th of June, 1989, in San Diego, California. For the past four years, he has been uploading videos to YouTube from Honolulu, Hawaii, where he was born. Initially, he had hoped to make YouTube sketches, but that didn’t work out. However, his name was born out of it. He was supposed to play all the characters in these comedic sketches alone, with no help from the other actors. Markipilier, a play on the words “Mark” and “Multiplier,” was supposed to be a spoof on this. A hiatus followed his completion of Amnesia: The Dark Descent in 2015, but when he returned in 2016, his popularity had skyrocketed. The fact that he has done so much in the way of hosting and podcasting, as well as acting and directing in his own films, has made him a well-known and well-paid figure in the entertainment industry.

Markiplier’s Net Worth

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Markiplier’s Personal Life and Rise To Fame 

To get started on his youtube career, he started posting videos of his playthrough of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Before working on the now-defunct Cyndago channel, he was a director on the board of Red Giant Entertainment in California, where he had relocated from Hawaii. After posting one video a day for eight months, he gained 50,000 subscribers, and in 2013 he had 1 million subscribers. Ryan Magee, Matt Watson, and Daniel Kyre started Cyndago in 2012, and Mark joined them in 2015 when he moved in with Daniel and Ryan and became friends with them. Cyndago was a popular channel known for its dark comedy sketches, satire, and music videos, and the two channels would collaborate. However, in September 2015, Daniel Kyre passed away, and Markiplier returned to YouTube after a brief hiatus. He reached his 10-million-subscriber goal in October of 2015, and as of 2022, he has 32.5-million subscribers and a much larger audience than that.

Career of Markiplier

In 2012, Markiplier created a YouTube channel with the name ‘Markiplier,’ and posted videos under that name. In the beginning, he played through “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” before moving on to “Dead Space” and “Penumbra.” His brand-new YouTube channel, dubbed ‘MarkiplierGAME,’ is currently one of the most-watched. When Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee started their YouTube channel ‘Cyndago,’ they invited Matt Watson from Maker Studios to join them. The ‘MarkiplierGAME’ channel quickly became a sensation, with over 10 million subscribers as of October 2015. From fellow YouTubers like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye to celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Jack Black, he has worked with a wide range of people over the course of his career. Smosh: The Movie, a science fiction comedy film directed by Alex Winter, and other television and web series, such as “Table Flip,” “Grumpcade,” and a gamer’s guide to pretty much everything, were among his acting credits. Markiplier’s net worth is $28 million as of 2022, according to Forbes.

The YouTube Career of Markiplier

On March 6th, 2012, Fischbach launched the Markiplier channel. A combination of Mark and multiplier is the name of his online persona. The channel was originally intended to be a home for his sketch comedy shows. As a result of this, he began filming his gameplay for YouTube. To better his work, Fischbach announced in 2014 that he was moving to Los Angeles. He stopped uploading videos in 2015 after the death of his close friend Daniel Kyre. Resuming his comedic sketches after his return, Fischbach demonstrated his desire to continue working in improvised theatre. Now, he has 32.3 million subscribers thanks to this decision. This puts him in the top 95 most-followed channels on YouTube.


Mark began live streaming and podcasting in 2018 and has been doing so ever since. He collaborated with Bob Muysken and Wade Barnes to launch 3 Peens in a Podcast on Twitch. Distractible, a new podcast from the same group, will debut in May 2021. It wasn’t shown in real time this time. It was recorded by QCode and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Tyler Scheid joined Markiplier on his third podcast. Go! My Favorite Sports Team is the name of their show. Fans of all skill levels will find something of interest here.

What is Markiplier’s Net Worth in 2022?

He has a net worth of 28 million dollars as of 2022. He isn’t solely reliant on YouTube for his financial success; he has a number of other sources of income as well. All of his work, from his acting to his collaborations and everything else, will be examined in detail.

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How did Markiplier Make His Money?

Markiplier has 32.5 million Youtube subscribers and makes the majority of his money from video ad revenue. For every thousand views of an ad that appears before a video on YouTube, the channel owner receives two dollars in compensation. If the cost per ad stays the same, he will earn about $28,000 a day and $10,220,000 a year from a 14 million-view-per-day channel. In addition, he makes money from various businesses, including Dirty Bomb and Robot Entertainment, which sponsor and collaborate with him on his YouTube videos. Co-founded with Jacksepticeye, Markiplier’s clothing line CLOAK aims to make clothes that everyone can enjoy wearing. Because he doesn’t have a large social media following or a twitch channel, the majority of his earnings come from his Youtube channel.

How Does Markiplier Spend His Money?

We know he donates a significant portion of his earnings to charitable organizations and participates in charitable events with other YouTubers. To be fair, he does have a nice house in LA and a few high-end vehicles, so he does treat himself occasionally. He does admit that he is frugal with his spending and that he enjoys living a simple life. Markiplier avoids bringing up the subject of money in conversation and hides his more expensive purchases. A few of his videos do focus on what he drives, such as “walkthroughs” of the house where he shows off how nice it is. These are, however, extremely rare and extremely brief.


Highlights from Markiplier’s career are listed below:

  • On YouTube, he has more than 23 million subscribers.
  • His YouTube channel has more than 10 billion views and is one of the top 100 most subscribed channels.
  • For charitable causes, Markiplier has raised more than $900,000 in his capacity as a volunteer.


On his YouTube channel’markiplierGAME’, Markiplier posts action games, indie games, and gameplay commentary videos. He has gained a large following. A list of the 20 most influential celebrities in the United States for teenagers in 2015 ranked him sixth. With a yearly salary of $17.5 million, he ranked as the world’s sixth highest-paid YouTuber in 2018. Markiplier is expected to have a net worth of $28 million by the year 2022. In your opinion, how much money does Markiplier have in the bank? Below, please leave a comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Markiplier’s annual salary?

He makes between $10 million and $20 million a year from his YouTube ads, social media, clothing line, and other ventures.

Which YouTuber is the richest in the world?

Despite the fact that he makes between $10 million and $20 million a year, he is not the richest YouTuber in terms of both yearly income and net worth. The most wealthy is Felix Kjellberg (AKA PewDiePie), with an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. PewDiePie and Markiplier, on the other hand, have worked together in the past.

Who has dated Markiplier?

He’s been dating Amy “Peebles” Nelson since 2015 and they have a child together. According to fellow YouTubers Jackepticeye, many assumed that they were just friends when they posted an image of the two together at an event. However, a year later, they confirmed their relationship, and they frequently talk about their admiration for one another. ‘ However, they refuse to reveal how they met. The Unus Annus series, a year-long YouTube project in which a new video was posted every day for a year, featured several appearances by Amy in addition to Mark’s. The channel was taken down at the end of the year. She used to be a Twitch Streamer, specializing in pottery and gaming, but her channel has since been deleted, so she now helps Mark out behind the scenes. For the videos “A Day with Markiplier” and “A Heist with Markiplier,” she was a huge asset.

How much is Markiplier worth?

At the time of this writing, Markiplier has a net worth of $28 million. There are other sources, too. His acting, voiceover, and sketch comedy careers bring in a portion of his earnings. “A Heist With Markiplier” and the South By Southwest Gaming Awards have been co-hosted by him and Janet Varney.

How much money does PewDiePie have?

One of the most popular YouTube channels in the world is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. His net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. PewDiePie has over 110 million subscribers and over 27 billion views on his gaming ‘Let’s Play’ videos and commentary on games that interest him. Due to a YouTube streaming exclusivity deal, he doesn’t have a large Twitch following, but he still has 1.3 million Twitch followers and large followings on Instagram and Reddit. From YouTube advertising, sponsorships, and the exclusive deals he’s made with YouTube, he gets most of his money.

What is Jacksepticeye’s net worth?

At the time of this writing, Jacksepticeye’s net worth is $25 million dollars, and Seán William McLoughlin has over 28 million subscribers on YouTube. The majority of his content consists of video game reviews and vlogs about his relationship with his girlfriend and his life in general. With Markiplier, he co-owns CLOAK, a clothing line, which he also streams on Twitch and YouTube.

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