MD-87 Jet Heading to Boston Crashes, No Serious Injuries’ and Casualties

The airplane was leaving Houston Executive Airport Tuesday morning at around 10 a.m. It left the runway, smashed through a fence, and crossed Morton Road before halting in a field north of the air terminal. Each of the 21 individuals on board had the option to get off the airplane without fatal injury before fire devoured the plane.

Plane crash in Houston

The FAA identified the plane as the McDonnell Douglas MD-87. The aircraft moved through a fence and burst into flames in a field while departing the executive airport soon after 10 a.m. CT. As per Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, 21 individuals, including the 18 travelers and 3 crew members, were on board and were reported to be safe. However, 2 people were brought to the nearest hospital.

Texas Department of Public Safety affirmed the incident in a field in the southeast corner of Waller County, which isn’t far from the Houston Executive Airport. The plane is enlisted under the name of J. Alan Kent, who is the corporate proprietor of Flair Builders, a Houston-based custom homebuilder, according to the report of ABC 13. 

The plane was bound to Boston for Game 4 of the American League Champion Series, as per the report of NBC Boston. 

The plane moved through an air terminal fence before going across Morton Road north of the air terminal. It stopped among thick brush in a field where it then, at that point, burst into flames. 

Further insights regarding the reason for the accident have not yet been uncovered. The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration will further investigate the said incident.

Injured rushed to the hospital

Two travelers were rushed to the hospital in the wake of revealing back pain and respiratory issues after the accident. 

Waller County Judge Trey Duhon posted on Facebook that the information they have at this moment indicates that the plane did not reach the altitude toward the end of the runway and went across Morton Road, going to rest in the field only north of the air terminal, where it burst into flames, as reported by the Insider.