Members Of NewJeans Attract Attention With Their Lovely Infant Images, Which Display Their Enduring Attractiveness

Members Of NewJeans Attract Attention With Their Lovely Infant Images, Which Display Their Enduring Attractiveness. The originality and stunning graphics of NewJeans have won them many fans. When photographs of their newborns become viral, get even more adoration.

Since breaking into the South Korean music scene, NewJeans has been the center of attention with relative ease. Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein are a five-member group that just debuted this year but has already amassed a significant fanbase.

Pictures of the band have been going viral recently. The pictures show that all of them were stunning even when they were little.

One user commented on how much they had matured, while another remembered how adorable young Danielle was. Another supporter claimed that their upbringing was identical, right down to the shared childhood memories and adult shared cultural references.

Another person questioned, “How can they grow up looking the same?” The last person emphasized how they were natural beauties and reminded them of mochis, and someone else said that she wanted to pinch their baby cheeks.

One of NewJeans’ first tracks, “Hype Boy,” has been listened to over 100 million times on Spotify, proving that the group’s success is not limited to their looks. ADOR, the group’s agent, confirmed the report on November 8 through the Korea Times.

Less than 100 days after its August release, the song had accumulated 100,704,055 streams as of Sunday. It also spent a lot of time in the top spots on Spotify Korea’s weekly top songs chart, where it dominated for three weeks straight just last month and where it had previously spent 14 weeks in the top spots.

However, “Attention,” another song by the trio, has racked up over 92.5 million streams so far and is on track to become the group’s first single to exceed 100 million streams.

Meanwhile, NewJeans has designated a moniker for their cult following. In honor of their 100th day in the business since their debut, the group unveiled the name and official light stick of their fan club.

Tokki, which means “rabbit” in Korean, will be their official name. Some, however, have compared their light stick to B.A.P.’s; B.A.P.’s light stick is shaped like a rabbit; the group’s mascot is a rabbit named Matoki.

Consequently, this sparked a debate on the online forum Instiz about whether or not the two light sticks were, in fact, that similar.

The fact that they are both rabbits, according to one fan, is their only shared characteristic. One counterargument states that there is no resemblance between the two, while another explains that the only reason they are similar is because of the light stick that NewJeans uses.

Another supporter chimed in to point out that the aesthetic and tonal differences set them apart. “I’m a B.A.P fan, but this didn’t even occur to me,” someone emphasized.

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