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Missing Maya Millete’s Husband Arrested After 9 Months For Murdering His Wife

Missing Maya Millete's husband arrested for murdering his wife

Maya Millete, a California mom of three who had been missing for nine months, was found dead on Tuesday. Her husband was arrested for her murder.

Maya Millete vanished from their home in Chula Vista, California, missing for nine months.

According to Fox News, the sound of a flashbang signaled the arrival of a SWAT team, which was followed by police instructions broadcast over a loudspeaker. The FBI then erected a mobile command center in front of the home to better monitor the situation.

“These efforts ultimately generated a variety of pieces of evidence that have become clear and overwhelming: Larry Millete, [Maya] ‘s husband, is responsible for [Maya] ‘s murder and disappearance,” said Police Chief Roxana Kennedy of Chula Vista, as quoted in the report.

The Suspect is Her Own Husband

According to a statement released by police on Tuesday, Larry had been apprehended. Later that day, authorities held a press conference where they announced that Larry had been arrested and charged with murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

As reported in People News, Larry and Maya were planning to celebrate their daughter’s birthday at Big Bear with her family one day before Maya went missing from her Southern California home on January 7.

As Maya’s sister-in-law, Maricris Drouaillet, recalls, the last time she saw her and her family was on a New Year’s camping trip. After 20 years of marriage, the mother-of-three told her family she was divorcing Larry.

Drouaillet stated that on the day Maya vanished, she had gone to see a divorce lawyer.

The murder of Michael “Mikey” Benedict, as family plans to protest “Justice for Mikey.”

Days After the Victim Disappeared

Maya went home that day at 8:15 P.M. and sent the last message to her family through Facebook.

A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured nine loud bangs at 9:57 P.M., but authorities haven’t confirmed that they were gunshots.

Her sister found out about Maya’s disappearance the following day, on January 9.

Fox News also revealed that KGTV-TV reported after Maya’s disappearance that Larry Millete had admitted to arguing with his wife the night before she vanished, saying the couple had experienced “ups and downs” in their relationship over the previous year.

Since their mother vanished, the Milletes’ three young children have been living with Larry. According to authorities, they were not at home at the arrest and are currently safe.


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