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Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Cast: After a seven-year sabbatical, the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise will return with a brand-new television anime series titled The Witch from Mercury.

When it was announced on June 17 that a female protagonist would be appearing in the next episode of the Gundam universe, the series immediately went viral. Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the series’ dual-language release during the Gundam Conference Autumn 2022. The episode count for each season is, however, still up in the air.

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Cast
Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Cast

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Speculated Released Date

Even though the first season was scheduled to begin airing on October 2, it was unexpected that Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury would be broken up into two parts. Bandai Namco Entertainment shocked Gundam fans by saying the second season would premiere in April 2023, well in advance of the first season’s release.

Although the precise date has not yet been set, it is likely that it will be made public after the first cour concludes in December 2022. On July 14 of this year, to celebrate the franchise and the premiere of the new series, a prequel for the anime was shown at all four life-sized Gundam locations (Yokohama, Fukuoka, Odaiba, and Shanghai).

Comic-Con International: San Diego presented the prologue on July 21, 2022. The prologue premiered on Gundam’s official YouTube account on September 4, just a few days later.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, and Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt will air from January to March 2023, filling the time until the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury is released.

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Cast

  • Suletta Mercury: Kana Ichinose
  • Sarius Zenelli: Atsushi Ono
  • Elnora Samaya: Mamiko Noto
  • Nadim Samaya: Hiroshi Tsuchida
  • Wendy Olent: Yō Taichi
  • Nyla Bertran: Sachiko Kojima
  • Delling Rembran: Naoya Uchida
  • Cardo Nabo: Miyuki Ichijou
  • Kenanji Avery: Yōji Ueda
  • Vim Jeturk: Tetsuo Kanao
  • Sarius Zenelli: Atsushi Ono

Main Characters

Ericht Samaya

The lead character in the show. Spaceian female Suletta, age 17, is a sophomore at the Asticassia School of Technology, having transferred there from Mercury’s Institute of Technology. She is one of only two people left alive after the Fólkvangr Incident, which killed off everyone at Ochs Earth Corporation and rendered the “GUND Format” obsolete.

Her mother had her start early on training to pilot Mobile Suits at Mercury, and she eventually enrolled in the academy. She was portrayed as a shy young woman who struggles to express herself to anyone besides her mother. Mobile suit XVX-016 Gundam Aerial, created by the Shin Sei Development Corporation on Mercury and piloted by Suletta.

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Cast
Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Cast

Miorine Rembran

An accomplished and gorgeous female Spaceian student in her second year of study in the field of management strategy. Delling Rembran, head of the Benerit Group and chairman of the school board, has a daughter named Miorine.

Miorine kept a little greenhouse at school in honour of her mother, a botanist who had passed away. She resents her father, who treats her as merely a member of the family and gives her little attention.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Staff

The anime is being directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi and co-directed by Ryo Ando. The script was written by Ichiro Okouchi. Mogumo is responsible for the character design alongside Marie Tagashira, Juro Toida, and Hirotoshi Takaya.

The mecha designs are handled by JNTHED, Kaneki Ebikawa, Wataru Inada, Ippie Gyoubu, Kenji Teraoka, and Takayuki Yanase, while the mecha animations are handled by Seizei Maeda, Kanta Suzuki, and Shinya Kusumegi.

The art director is Ayumi Sat, while Shta Kodera is in charge of photography. Art direction and design are the work of Tomoaki Okada, Kenichi Morioka, Kazushige Kanehira, Junichir Tamamori, and Yasuyoshi Uetsu, with colour design by Kazuko Kikuchi. Sound design is being overseen by Jin Aketagawa, and music is being composed by Takashi Ohmama.

Finally, Shinichi Miyakaze directs 3D computer graphics at the Sunrise studio.

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Plot

In the far future, when humanity has expanded beyond space, they will adopt the Ad Stella calendar (AS). In terms of wealth, the solar system was effectively divided into “Spaceians” (those living in space colonies) and “Earthians” (those living on Earth).

To help humans adapt to the harsh conditions of space, the scientists at Vanadis Institute developed a sophisticated man-machine system called GUND. However, the main mobile suit development businesses, who make up the Mobile Suit Development Council, recently issued an indefinite moratorium on GUND Format development.

Delling Rembran, a council member, ordered the special forces unit Dominicus to wipe off the crew of the Vanadis research centre Fólkvangr. Elnora Samaya, a test pilot for mobile suits, and her daughter Ericht Samaya were the only ones who barely made it out alive.

Several years after the incident occurred (in the year Ad Stella 122), Ericht, using the identity Suletta Mercury, enrolled at the Asticassia School of Technology, which is owned and operated by the multinational conglomerate Benerit Group.

Miorine Rembran, a girl trying to flee the institute and her controlling father, Delling, is the first person she meets when she arrives. Suletta and the Gundam Aerial, a mobile suit constructed with the illegal GUND Format technology, enter the academy together, each with its own set of aspirations and aims.

In What Order Should I Watch Gundam?

  1. 6/6 Mobile Suit Gundam (TV Series, 1979)
  2. 5/6 The Origin (OVA, 2015)
  3. 4/6 Advent Of The Red Comet (Anime, 2019)
  4. 3/6 The 08th MS Team (OVA, 1996-1999)
  5. 2/6 MS IGLOO (OVA Series, 2004-2008)
  6. 1/6 0080: War In The Pocket (OVA, 1989)

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Suletta Mercury?

Suletta, a Spaceian female, is 17 years old and in her second year as a piloting major at the Asticassia School of Technology, having transferred from Mercury.

How many episodes is Gundam witch from Mercury?

On Sunday, The Witch of Mercury revealed that the show will consist of two halves, for a total of 25 episodes. The fall semester started on October 2nd, and the spring semester won’t begin until April 2023.

What was the last Gundam series?

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, the final Gundam anime, debuted in October 2015 and ran for two seasons.

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