Monster Hunter Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast & Other Updates!

Do you believe if a Monster Hunter: World sequel was launched, the world would be interested? Some of the things we’d like to see in a sequel to the series are listed below.

Following a period in which studios did not appear to be as concerned about the dreaded “video game movie curse,” a slew of films based on some of the most beloved video game characters have lately hit theatres. It’s apparent that video games can be brought to a wider audience through live theatre performances, as proven by Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider.

One of the most recent attempts was Monster Hunter, a survival horror game directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the director of the Resident Evil franchise. Monster Hunter’s ending reveals that the main monsters can cross over to the New World, which is a surprising revelation.

Artemis returns to her home world after suffering a bad fall and is rescued by her military friends. Eventually, one of the primary villains wins control of the army. When it comes to the prospect of a sequel, Anderson does not mince words. Monster Hunter 2: Bloodlines has the following expectations.

Monster Hunter Season 2: Release Date

The Monster Hunter sequel will not be available for at least three years and is projected to cost $60 million to produce. Monster Hunter 2 is projected to be more expensive and take much longer to complete than previous instalments.

Because Jovovich is still a major movie star, with films like Hummingbird and Corto Maltese in development, and because of this. In order to give himself ample time to film and post-produce the film, Monster Hunger filmmaker Anderson and his team should strive for a 2023 release date.

Despite its amazing effects, Monster Hunter is unlikely to go down as one of the best films of the year. The film has already received a lot of backlash, thanks in part to a racist joke that was edited before it was presented to the general audience.

Despite Milla Jovovich’s amazing performance, Monster Hunter is almost certain to have a strong box office performance. It’s likely that the studio will fund a sequel if the first Monster Hunter game is a financial success.

Monster Hunter Season 2: Storyline

Artemis’ own Palico companion (because who wouldn’t want a huge cat as a sidekick?). It was possible to put a teaser at the end of the credits. He might be a familiar face if he’s the Seeker from Monster Hunter: World. The Seeker character in the video games investigates new planets and their ties to the Elder Dragons, which leads to the Elder Dragons’ discovery.

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The Gore Magala might be used in a sequel, allowing for a more in-depth look at this part of the game’s environment. Paul W. S. Anderson has already began working on concepts for Monster Hunter 2, which will be released in 2021, Milla Jovovich stated in an interview with Total Film magazine in November 2020.

Yes, you read that right. Due to a lack of funds, Monster Hunter 2 may never see the light of day; only 28.4 million dollars out of a $60 million budget have been raised. Ouch. Artemis, The Hunter, and The Admiral are on the lookout for a monster that has made its way into the New World and is being followed by them.

A sinister figure creeps up the Sky Tower in a post-credits scene, implying that the enemy in Monster Hunter 2 will be the same character from Monster Hunter 3. The strange Tower, as well as the lessons Artemis and her companions can learn from their cross-over journeys, will undoubtedly be important themes in the sequel.

As the creatures in Monster Hunter 2 develop in power and ferocity, Milla Jovovich’s character will grow in strength and ferocity as well.

The Monster Hunter 2: Cast

The majority of Monster Hunter 1 and 2’s characters are expected to return in the sequel. Despite the fact that certain characters die in the first film, we may expect Jovovich, Jaa, and Perlman to return in the sequel.

Where Can I Find Monster Hunter Season 2 on Netflix?

Monster Hunter Seasons 2 and 1 are available on “Hulu” as well as Netflix to watch and enjoy.

Final Lines

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