BTS’ V Ranked First as the ‘Most Handsome Faces of K-Pop’ in 2022

Most Handsome Faces of K-Pop: Kim Tae-Hyung, better known as BTS’s V, is once again garnering attention for his stunning good looks. The Brazilian entertainment website Dabeme Pop held a poll to determine who their users thought was the “Most Handsome Face of K-pop,” and the results showed that the star rated first.

Everyone in the internationally acclaimed K-pop trio has always been appreciated for what they bring to the table. In addition, they have taken first place in a number of other categories in popular vote competitions held online.

When TC Candler announced their list of the “10 Most-Handsome Faces in the World,” Jungkook and V were included.

Most Handsome Faces of K-Pop
Most Handsome Faces of K-Pop

BTS’ V, Jimin, Bambam, Mark Tuan and more feature in Dabeme Pop’s ‘Top 100 – Most Handsome Faces of K-pop’

Brazilian entertainment website Dabeme Pop produced a list of the “Top 100 – Most Handsome Faces of K-pop in 2022” on March 22. Fans from all across the world voted, and V of BTS came out on top, earning the title of “Most Handsome Face of K-pop” for 2022.

V received 1,567,464 votes, putting him at the top of the list, and his groupmate Jimin came in at No. 2 with 1,237,456. Jungkook, one of the group’s members, comes in at No. 5. Fans have pointed out that V is deserving of the top spot because he has been named the K-pop industry’s visual focal point by a number of Korean publications.

The top fourteen spots on the internet list were all filled by members of GOT7 and BTS. With seven people in each faction, the close voting between the Ahgases and the ARMYs is obvious. V’s appearance is well-known not only in the K-pop business but all across the world.

Since the beginning of 2022, the gifted artist has been included on several ‘Most Handsome Men of 2022’ lists by reputable media sites around the world, among such notable names as Henry Cavill, Robert Patterson, and many more.

Fans rejoice at BTS V snagging the first place

After hearing the news, V’s devoted followers flocked to the social media platform Twitter to share their joy at the singer’s online voting contest victory by posting a plethora of photos and videos of V from throughout his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 1st Gen K-pop?

First-generation boy bands from the late 1990s and early 2000s, such as H.O.T., Sechs Kies, Shinhwa, and g.o.d., are credited with laying the groundwork for these foundations by being the first successful all-male groups in Korea and participating in the first Hallyu Wave.

Who is the face of K-pop?

Kim Taehyung received the perfect triple kiII from the most influential Korean media outlets, which named BTS V “The Face of Kpop.”

Who is cute in BTS?

Speaking of Jungkook, he is without a doubt the cutest member of the K-pop group. He is also the band’s youngest member, and everyone adores him.

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