Most Streamed Kpop Girl Groups Songs From 2022 on Spotify

Most Streamed Kpop Girl Groups Songs From 2022 on Spotify. Spotify has recognised K-meteoric pop’s rise and accompanying global takeover. Millions of people all around the world rely on Spotify to satisfy their cravings for Korean pop music. The music streaming service recognised the fervent fandom for Korean pop music by launching K-Pop ON! Track earlier this year.

The site has interviews, news, trends, and quizzes pertaining to K-Pop. Because of their interest in promoting Korean music, Spotify has included a function in their app that lets users mix their own music with that of an artist.

It is also not shocking that Spotify provides a special playlist for users to listen to the most played songs. The most-streamed K-pop songs of 2022 are discussed in this article (as of August).

The Maniac by Stray Kids

MANIAC, the first song off of their album ODDINARY, was released in March and has been streamed over 91.021 million times as of August. The song encourages its listeners to do something different from the “normal” crowd.

The Maniac by Stray Kids
The Maniac by Stray Kids

The mania described in the K-pop song is the side of individuals they try to keep hidden because they are so sensitive to the judgments of others. One of the song’s key messages is that hidden qualities will emerge over time. Stray Kids’ album’s narrative, which encourages people to embrace their unique qualities, is a good fit for MANIAC.

That That by PSY (prod. and feat. SUGA of BTS)

That That, one of the year’s most surprising and original K-pop duets, has been heard by 97.58 million Spotify users. Given that BTS’ SUGA produced the song, it was inevitable that he would be given ample opportunity to exhibit his abilities to blend in his own style.

This song is a celebration of life after a pandemic when everything has returned to normal and one may once again laugh dance, and party like there is no tomorrow. PSY’s comeback was magnificent, and SUGA’s rap verse and presence in the music video further added to the song’s already high quality.

WA DA DA by Kep1er

Fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting Kep1er’s first official single. With the release of WA DA DA in January 2022 as part of their mini-album FIRST IMPACT, the girls did not fail to meet expectations. By August, the song had racked up 105.1 million streams on Spotify.

WA DA DA was well-liked in the K-pop community, and its skyrocketing popularity was aided by the TikTok challenge. As a result of Bahiyyih Huening and her brother, TXT’s Hueningkai, performing the challenge, fans of both groups have been demonstrating their appreciation online.


The B-side single “DARARI” from their mini-album “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE” was played 107.1 million times between February and August, making it the most popular B-side track. With the success of the album’s lead single, JIKJIN, TREASURE appears to have reached new heights in their career since their debut in 2020.

As the first fourth-generation K-pop group, DARARI also made it into Spotify’s Global Top 100 for the first time. With its catchy hook, stunning vocals, and coffee shop atmosphere, this song sparked a dance challenge on TikTok, which in turn inspired DARARI’s official choreography.

With You by Jimin & Ha Sungwoon

Jimin of BTS made his debut on an original soundtrack with this lovely song from Our Blues, which he performed with Ha Sungwoon. With You, released in April 2022, appears to have been well welcomed by listeners, as the album had 115.4 million streams by August.

The lyrics of the song describe a love so strong that it can overcome any obstacle that stands between a couple. One of the OSTs released by the band was titled “With You.”

Polaroid Love by ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN‘s Polaroid Love, a B-side from January’s Dimension: Answer, has been streamed 118.2 million times as of August 9, 2022, thanks in large part to its virality on TikTok.

Polaroid Love by ENHYPEN
Polaroid Love by ENHYPEN

The song was a hit owing to its catchy melody and endearing lyrics, which yearned for a simpler, more polaroids-based kind of love.

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