Mushishi Season 3: Release Date Status, News, And Rumors

Mushishi Season 3 has been one of the most eagerly anticipated anime series in recent years. Fans have already had to wait seven years for season 2, and now they must wait for season 3. Despite the fact that the second season concluded seven years ago, supporters haven’t given up hope and are still hoping for a surprise announcement.

Is it safe to say that the wait is finally over? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Mushishi season 3.

Mushishi, also known as Mushishi Zoku Shou, is a Japanese anime series based on the same-named manga. The first season of the anime, which consists of 26 episodes, was broadcast on October 23, 2005.

The second season, which contains 20 episodes, premiered on April 5, 2014. Mushishi is a mystical, adventure, and Iyashikei anime that has won numerous awards. 

What Happened So Far In Mushishhi 

The story is set in a fictional Japanese age between the Edo and Meiji periods. Although there is technology from the nineteenth century, Japan remains a closed country. Ginko is a man who has the ability to perceive Mushi, which are ethereal primordial beings with superpowers.

Mushi is more primitive than other living organisms such as mammals and fungi. Despite the fact that most people are blind, Mushi’s acts might cause problems for humans due to their magical nature. As a result, even if Mushi are blind to the naked sight, their activities are felt by people.

Following the establishment of this concept in the anime, a group of people who have the capacity to see Mushi are presented, allowing them to protect themselves and others from Mushi’s hazards.

Ginko, the main character, is highly talented and gifted, and he refers to himself as ‘Mushi-shi,’ or Mushi Master, as a result. He goes across the country to learn about Mushi, conduct studies on them, and protect people from the harm they bring.Mushishi Season 3

What Is Going On With Artland? 

Studio Artland was responsible for both the first and second seasons. Noboru Ishigoru started Studio Artland on September 14, 1978. In 1982, they began work on their first project, Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

They went on to collaborate on a variety of other projects after that. However, after finishing season 2 of Mushishi, the studio only worked on two further projects: Komori-san Can’t Decline in 2015 and Seven Mortal Sins in 2017, which was co-produced by studio TNK.

Seven Mortal Sins concluded four years ago, but the studio has remained dormant since then, with no new projects in the works. Due to its enormous financial difficulties, Studio Artland was forced to sell its stakes to LEVELS, a Tokyo-based firm. Studio Artland is most likely not working on any projects right now due to their debt.

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What Do We Know About Mushishi Season 3 So Far? 

Mushishi fans may have to wait a little longer for the third season of their favorite anime.

Unfortunately, no official news concerning the release of Mushishi Season 3 has been published by the creators. The studio could be keeping the announcement under wraps until the proper time, as they did with season 2.

What Are Fans Saying About Mushishi Season 3?

Mushishi is a one-of-a-kind animation. Its storyline is exceptional and unforgettable, which is why fans have been clamoring for a third season even after all these years.

On social media platforms, fans have been debating whether or not there would be a season 3 of the show. Many fans on this forum believe that a third season will not be produced, possibly because the manga has been covered extensively in previous seasons and the film.

Here are some more posts from fans pleading for a third season of Mushishi

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Will There Be Mushishi Season 3? 

Mushishi is still one of the most popular anime series, as Google Trends shows. The manga that inspired the anime was a huge hit, winning multiple accolades, including the Excellence Prize at the 7th Japan Media Arts Festival. The Mushishi manga series has sold over 3.8 million copies in ten volumes.

In March 2009, the manga’s sixth volume was one of the best-selling manga in Malaysia. Mushishi’s first season was named the greatest anime series of 2007 by Anime News Network’s Carl Kimlinger. Mushi-Shi -Next Passage, the second season, was similarly a success, with a positive reception from fans.

The majority of the anime’s Blu-ray and DVD volumes made it into Oricon’s Top 20 best-selling list. Because the anime and manga have been so successful, creating a second season is a tremendous motivator. In addition, the anime has a high rating of 8.68 on MyAnimeList.

However, the fundamental reason for the low likelihood of a third season is a scarcity of source material for its development. The serialization of the manga began in 1999 and ended in August 2008. The manga only has ten volumes, and the first and second seasons, as well as the film, have already covered most of them.

Even though the anime omitted a few chapters from the book, it won’t be enough to justify a second season. Furthermore, no information concerning season 3’s production has been provided by the officials.


When Will Mushishi Season 3 Be Released? 

So far, there is no word on whether Mushishi season 3 will be released. As a result, it is impossible to forecast when it will be released.

Mushishi Season 3 Plot

The protagonist of Mushishi is an entity known as “Mushi.” They are, in essence, the most primal and fundamental forms of life. They are mystical beings who don’t have any aims or objectives. They merely exist, thus they cannot be classified as good or bad.

Mushi appears in a variety of forms, and the majority of them rely on other living forms to survive, leading some to regard them as parasites.

However, because most people are unable to see Mushi and hence are unaware of their existence, there is little information about them.

Some people can see mushi and have spent their life researching them in the hopes of comprehending them. They’re known as “Mushishi.” The series recounts the adventures of Ginko, a Mushi-shi who travels around solving Mushi crimes.

Mushishi Episodes

Season 1

Episode 1- The Green throne

Episode 2- The light in the eyelids

Episode 3- Soft horns

Episode 4- The alley through the pillow

Episode 5- The traveling swamp

Episode 6- The dew consuming swarn

Episode 7- Raindrops and Rainbows

Episode 8- Where beyond the sea

Episode 9- Heavy fruit

Episode 10- The whiteness in the ink

Episode 11- To sleep in the mountains

Episode 12- One-eyed fish

Episode 13- The one-night bridge

Episode 14- Inside the cage

Episode 15- Pretense of spring

Episode 16- Dawn snake

Episode 17- Picking empty cocoons

Episode 18- The mountain bearing robe

Episode 19- A string in the sky

Episode 20- A sea of ink

Episode 21- Cotton spores

Episode 22- The sea shrine

Episode 23- Chorus of rust

Episode 24- The journey to the field of fire

Episode 25- Pleasant sights, woeful sights

Episode 26- The sound of footsteps on the grass

Season 2

Episode 1- Banquet at the forest’s edge

Episode 2- The warbling sea shell

Episode 3- Beneath the snow

Episode 4- The hand that caresses the night

Episode 5- Mirror lake

Episode 6- Floral delusion

Episode 7- Cloudless rain

Episode 8- Wind raiser

Episode 9- Valley of the welling

Episode 10- Depths of winter

Episode 11- Cushion of grass

Episode 12- Fragrant darkness

Episode 13- Lingering Crimson

Episode 14– Hidden cove

Episode 15- Thread of light

Episode 16- Sea of otherworldly

Episode 17- Azure waters

Episode 18- Lightning’s end

Episode 19- Mud grass

Episode 20- Tree of eternity

Final Thoughts 

The plot of season 3 cannot be validated because no source information is accessible. Furthermore, Mushishi’s story was effectively completed at the end of Season 2. As a result, the plot of Season 3 is impossible to foresee.

If season 3 is produced, the writer will almost certainly write a new chapter and arc that will take the anime on a new path. Ginko will once again pursue his genuine calling in life.

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