Extreme Weather Conditions Cancelled ‘Music Bank in Chile’ Show

Extreme Weather Conditions Cancelled ‘Music Bank in Chile’ Show. The Chilean music show “Music Bank” was cut short in the middle of its broadcast. Concerts in Santiago, Chile’s Estadio Monumental on November 12 were called off as bad weather threatened.

The Estadio Monumental is an open stadium, so there was nowhere to take shelter from the downpour. Despite the rain that began falling hours before the event was set to begin, 50,000 people showed up, and a few of the bands performed as planned.

Music Bank in Chile
Music Bank in Chile

After STAYC and The Boyz performed, the weather worsened, and by the time (G)I-DLE took the stage, it was raining so heavily that hail had started to fall. This posed a threat to the performers’ safety, as seen by (G)I-DLE member Shuhua’s fall during a performance.

So, (G)I-DLE cut their set short, and the rest of the event was called off, including appearances by TXT, NCT Dream, and ATEEZ. Several planned stars resorted to social media to apologise to their followers for the cancellation.

“The purpose of this demonstration is to showcase an outstanding performance for your consideration. Please accept my deepest apologies, “According to a Spanish-language tweet from TXT’s Yeonjun. “I promise to demonstrate a more favourable case the next time we meet.

I apologise and appreciate the patience of our devoted audience. In addition, my heart belongs to you “. Jisung, of NCT Dream, addressed the crowd at Kwangya Club “It’s important that everyone who attended “Music Bank Chile” take precautions to avoid becoming sick.

I felt terrible when we went to welcome the fans and saw many of them crying.” Meanwhile, Music Bank’s return to the region after an absence of three years due to the COVID-19 outbreak was marked by the Chile performance. Rowoon of SF9 hosted the show, and performers included TXT, ATEEZ, The Boyz, STAYC, (G)I-DLE, and NCT Dream.

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