Music NFT By K-Pop Star Lee HongKi Was Released On Muverse And Sold Out In About An Hour

Music NFT By K-Pop Star Lee HongKi Was Released On Muverse And Sold Out In About An Hour. It just took approximately an hour for Lee HongKi’s new track to sell out after it was launched on the Muverse ( website in South Korea. He used mint as music NFT. And now he’s decided to be the proud owner of YOLO BUNNY #5190 NFT. Lee HongKi, a leading representation of the K-pop star, joined the military on the 30th of September, 2019.

After much anticipation, Lee HongKi dropped brand new music in April 2021, shortly after his release from prison. And now he’s here to expand his music’s audience in the Web 3.0 era with a new form of media. As the end of the year draws near, people can feel the heat wave in the K-Pop music NFT environment even though winter is on the horizon.

In an exclusive premiere, Mr. Lee HongKi’s newest single has been designated a New Future Trax and is now available exclusively on Muverse ( Lee Hong Ki’s track NFT can be traded on open-sea, the largest NFT trading platform in the world, or used to purchase merchandise at the artist’s Muverse store. They also get to skip past the intro and listen to the rest of the song before everyone else.

Mr. Lee HongKi has used YOLO BUNNY #5190 NFT as his profile image on Twitter and proclaimed his ownership of the rare collectible. The Multiverse platform has unveiled a new NFT series titled “YOLO BUNNY NFT.” Open sea, the largest NFT trading platform in the world, has seen a total trading volume of over 5,200 ETH worth of YOLO BUNNY NFTs as of this writing.

Causing avid followers to warm up to the metaverse’s allure in advance. He made it clear that he was interested in continuing to work with Muverse in the Web 3 space by sending out an aggressive signal of his intent to do so.

Multiverse is a web 3.0 platform that uses music communities to discover new musical talent. It depends on Web3.0 technologies like NFTs and x to earn models to function. It offers a wide range of chances for musicians to achieve idol status and facilitates interaction between artists and their fans. To expand their fan bases, musicians might use music parties to mint and sell their NFT.

Mr. Lee HongKi first appeared on screen in 2002, when he was just a child, making his career in show business 19 years long. His fame in the K-pop industry is well-deserved. Many of the established artists that came before him are his seniors. When the show he was in aired in 2009, he became an instant star.

The show went on to win other honors, including the SBS Acting Awards’ Highest Popularity Award of 2009. With FNC Entertainment as a singer, composer, and actor. In addition, he is the lead singer for the boy band FTISLAND, of which he is a member. For his 2015 release, Lee stated on social media that he was recording an album in both Korean and Japanese.

Born in the early 1990s, he has already made a significant impact on East Asian composition and lyric writing. HongGi has been the most visible and proactive spokesperson for K-pop stars, riding the crest of every popularity surge. In the realm of Web 3.0, he is eager to work with Multiverse.

Beginning today, Mr. Lee HongKi’s legions of devoted admirers can rock out in the Muverse DApp, chat with other partygoers, and win valuable prizes. Lee HongKi, like many other artists on the Muverse platform, can make money and expand their fan base in several ways, including through the sale of NFTs, tips, and MCT earnings.

Moreover, Muverse is committed to expanding the web 3.0 music community by cultivating partnerships with prominent musicians. The new Mr. Lee HongKi track was published exclusively on Muverse and quickly sold out. Fans and crypto users alike eagerly sought out the work. Intensive testing of Muverse DApp products is now taking place.

Taking into account customer input, the product has been revamped to provide a more interesting and interactive experience. More musicians will follow Hongki Lee’s lead and become Muverse star ambassadors to help usher in the next generation of music on the web.

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