My father’s choice as patron of diplomats shows a country that doesn’t want to be a pariah – 03/09/2021 – World

​More than an article, this text is an open letter to you, 20 young diplomats from the Rio Branco Institute class who formalized, last Wednesday (1st), their entry into the Foreign Ministry.

​The choice they made for my father, Ambassador José Jobim, tortured to death by the military dictatorship that for 25 years stained the soil of our country with blood, as patron of the gang to which they will forever belong, is an explicit declaration that they do not condone denial and corruption, nor do they agree that our country is subject to being an outcast in the international community.

​I am sure that they will know how to honor him, acting with firm delicacy in defending the country’s interests.

​You managed to rescue in me the respect that José Jobim felt and taught me to feel for the House to which he belonged. For years, I told myself that I didn’t know what Itamaraty had done to my father, but I knew perfectly well what it hadn’t done.

With its omission, it made my path to obtaining a death certificate that portrayed the truth, holding the State responsible for his death, much more arduous. With his silence, he endorsed the initial suicide thesis. But you, within the institution to which he dedicated his life, put him back in the respected place that his colleagues had for years denied him.

​The pride I feel in knowing that part of the youth that my father loved so much recognizes him as an example to be followed is immense. The thrill of hearing his name proclaimed patron made him unable to hold back his tears. It was beautiful to see the hope of more worthy days shine in that moment!

Please don’t lose that glow. We depend on him.

​I regret that they have to start their career with a figure as nefarious as Jair Messias Bolsonaro in the Presidency. But you have a life ahead of you and you will see better days. Never forget that, no matter how bad the president may be, they defend and represent Brazil, not the government.

So, never lose humanity. Don’t bend. Never abandon the dignity you have shown by firmly defending the choice of the class’s patron. It is worth much more than a promotion or a removal.

​I can only say thank you to each one and hope, soon, to meet them in person to embrace those who, by choice, became my brothers.