My Happy Marriage Anime Adaptation Announced With First Trailer

All you need to know about the anime adaptation of My Happy Marriage can be found here, as it was recently confirmed by Kinema Citrus.

My Happy Marriage is a well-known Japanese manga series written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Rito Kohsaka. Miyo Saimori, the manga’s main character, is born into a world where people inherit strange powers that can vary from one bloodline to the next. Miyo is born into a famous family, but she has no supernatural abilities, so her own family shuns her. Even Miyo’s own half-sister treats her like a servant. Miyo is ultimately sent to the Kudo household to be considered as a bride for Kiyoka Kudo.

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The citizens of the city generally view the Kudo as a ruthless and distant ruling family. Miyo unexpectedly finds a place for herself in the family, but she still has trouble adjusting. My Happy Marriage, with its clearly original plot, is deserving of a top-notch anime adaptation. According to appearances, that is indeed what will happen.

My Happy Marriage Anime Announced

My Happy Marriage’s Twitter page confirmed the anime adaptation on April 5th, 2022. The anime is being produced by Kinema Citrus, who also created The Rising of the Shield Hero and Made in Abyss. An official trailer has been released alongside the news of the anime, and it looks great. This trailer is absolutely gorgeous, and it really makes me want to watch the anime.

My Happy Marriage has a brand new trailer, and now we also have the first key visual:

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Currently, there is no confirmed air date for My Happy Marriage on the Anime, but details are expected to be revealed within the next few months. And if we’re really lucky, it could premiere sometime during the next Winter anime season.