My Hero Academia Manga Unveil the Uncovered Villain’s Backstory

Considering My Hero Academia feels like it’s nearing the endgame, there are going to be some pretty important battles with each new chapter. In the present, Shoto is preparing to face Dabi, whom he now realizes is Toya, his older brother.

It’s going to be an emotional battle between Dabi and Shoto, as Dabi wants revenge against his family, and Shoto is caught in the middle of a feud that isn’t his fault.

As we’ve seen from different angles, the story of the Todoroki family has been building slowly for a long time. It took until the manga’s late 200s to reveal the big secret, and now that it’s out, Dabi’s ready to go.

My Hero Academia: How We Got To Know About Dabi At First

The Todoroki family is often discussed from the perspective of Shoto and Endeavor, his father. We’ve also gotten a few words from Shoto’s other siblings (Fuyumi and Natsuo), and even Shoto’s mother, Rei, has spoken up since everyone discovered the truth about Dabi.

We find it fascinating that the fandom figured out Dabi was a Todoroki so long ago! This was THE big fandom theory of the series, and it turns out it was true! Toya Todoroki, son of Endeavour, who everyone thought was deceased, is Dabi.

That does not mean it was immediately confirmed. As a matter of fact, it was as if Horikoshi took his time to tell us who Dabi was. The series would occasionally tell the story of others within the League of Villains, but Dabi would be left out in those retellings. He would either be blacked out so we couldn’t see his words or his speech bubble would be covered. Brilliant, right? Yes. A giant tease? Definitely yes! Nonetheless, the truth will lead at the end in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia: The Dabi’s Dance

Dabi is, without a doubt, a bitch. He didn’t just tell Endeavor who he was, but he actually interrupted everyone’s regularly scheduled television program to announce the breaking news! Everybody gets to learn about Dabi’s background, along with Endeavor’s abuse to his family.

Next, we get a partial account of what happened to Toya. As can be expected, since Endeavor pushed his children to unacceptable levels, Toya was set to carry on Endeavor’s ambitions to become the number one hero and surpass All Might. It was too hot for him to deal with, and the more he trained and used it, the more serious damage it would do to him. Rather than showing genuine concern for his son (because this was before Endeavour changed), he viewed him as a failure.

As you can imagine, Toya is upset, especially when Endeavor sets his ambitions on Shoto, who looks to be the “perfect” child that he’s been dreaming of. When Toya leaves home, he tries to show that he can handle his quirk, but the power is too much for him to handle.

My Hero Academia: Revenge is Narcotic

In this latest chapterr in My Hero Academia, we learn how Dabi decides to tell his brother, Shoto, how he came to be Dabi. He had been unconscious for three years before the doctor picked him up and brought him to an orphanage. The real gut punch was Toya’s desire to return home when he first awoke, thinking his father would be worried about him. The doctor soon tells him that due to being burned up so badly, his body had to be restored and he will never be able to show the same power he once did. The doctor offers Toya a chance to be raised, but he refuses to be taught by anyone other than Endeavor.

In the wake of the orphanage burning, we learn from the doctor that he (and the children) were spared in case of things with Shigaraki did not turn out well. The doctor now considers his attempt a failure (again), and decides Dabi should be left to his own.

As a result of his grudge against Endeavor, Dabi is basically alive right now. Dabi returned home, unbeknownst to Endeavor, to find that everyone had moved on without him, and Endeavor had focused all of his energy on Shoto. According to all accounts in My Hero Academia, Dabi should be dead, but according to the doctor, he retained his connection with the world through a blazing grudge. Dabi is fine with dying, but not before stripping Endeavor of everything he holds dear.

Interestingly enough, this is an example of a villain who might have had a different life had their parents supported them. Shigaraki’s father was a terrible man, and All For One came around at just the right time. The same can be said for Dabi, even if he was only there for revenge and hasn’t fully embraced All For One or the Doctor. Still, things may have changed if Endeavour had been a better parent, and that’s a fact Endeavor must deal with for the rest of his life – something he fully understands.