My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date: Is There Season 7 Of My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date: As season 7 of My Hero Academia is widely expected to be the series’ last, fans are wildly anticipating when it will be released. Based on the length of the previous seasons, the duration between installments, and other factors, the seventh season is likely to premiere in April 2024, at the earliest, assuming mangaka Horikoshi wraps up the series by the end of the year 2023.

Season 7 of My Hero Academia will pick up where season 6 left off in terms of plot points. Season 7’s pace will also be determined by the remaining amount of chapters and whether or not Studio Bones and Horikoshi decide to include any original animation content in any season. The estimated release dates, remaining story arcs, episode numbers, and coverage are all detailed here.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date
My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date

The first season of My Hero Academia premiered on April 3, 2016, and since then, six more seasons have been released regularly for fans. The curators knew the fans would be excited if they continued to produce new seasons without answering the questions raised by the conclusion of the previous seasons, so they did just that.

After the success of the second season, which premiered on April 1, 2017, producers wasted no time in producing the third season, which premiered on April 7, 2018, to satisfy fans’ appetites. The fourth season premiered on October 12, 2019, and the fifth season premiered on March 27, 2021, after which fans expressed overwhelming enthusiasm for the show.

My Hero Academia Season 6 premiered in 2022, and since then, fans’ enthusiasm and devotion have grown unexpectedly, to the point where they are actively seeking out information about when Season 7 of the show will air. However, the tragic news of the renewal of the My Hero Academia Series for My Hero Academia Season 7 will not satisfy the fans’ insatiable craving for the next sequel.

As the data shows, it takes the creators almost 6 months to say goodbye to a season, which means we may not see the next episode of season 6 until 2023. However, there has been no confirmed announcement regarding Season 7 of My Hero Academia.

The sources confirmed the series’ phantom appearance, so it’s reasonable to assume that My Hero Academia Season 7 will debut in 2023 or 2024 without any fanfare. Sources have also hinted at a lengthy run for the series, making the wait for new episodes extremely taxing on fans.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Cast 

Here is the confirmed dub cast for My Hero Academia:

  • Christopher R. Sabat – All Might/Toshinori Yagi
  • Clifford Chapin – Katsuki Bakugō
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard – Momo Yaoyorozu
  • David Matranga – Shōto Todoroki
  • J. Michael Tatum – Tenya Iida
  • Justin Briner – Izuku “Deku” Midoriya
  • Justin Cook – Eijirō Kirishima
  • Luci Christian – Ochaco Uraraka
  • Monica Rial – Tsuyu Asui
  • Anairis Quinones – Mirko
  • Charlie Campbell – Gran Torino
  • Christopher Wehkamp – Shota Aizawa
  • John Swasey – Shigaraki/All-For-One
  • Zeno Robinson – Hawks
  • Patrick Seitz – Endeavor

My Hero Academia Season 7 Plot

Even though he was born without any special abilities, Izuku has always been filled with unwavering, unconditional love. His hero, the All Might, saw how committed he was and put him through High School training to increase his power. It also introduced a country inhabited by people with extraordinary abilities.

The fifth season introduces a commuting war designed to prepare the student body to fight the Meta Liberation Army. As a result of MIzuku’s influence, 1A and 1B were able to make the idol happy. The addition of Dr. Uijko, who had been secretly helping the bad guys, provided the story with an additional climax.

The sixth season will release the story in accordance with the aforementioned path, and the seventh season will be pulled for the same storyline.

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My Hero Academia Season 7 Trailer

The sixth season of My Hero Academia is currently airing, and the seventh episode will soon be released, but there has been no word yet on whether or not there will be a seventh season. Currently, you won’t be able to find a My Hero Academia Season 7 trailer anywhere online. Further, the My Hero Academia Season 7 trailer might not be released until the sixth season is completed.

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