Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 Release Date, All You Need To Know!

Myriad Colors Phantom World is an anime that incorporates elements of many genres, including action, humour, fantasy, slice-of-life, and the supernatural, to create a unique experience. The anime is set in a world where supernatural creatures like as ghosts, referred to as ‘phantoms,’ exist, and it follows the narrative of a group of friends as they deal with the problems that phantoms tend to cause on a daily basis.

It is based on a light novel called Myriad Colors Phantom World by Souichirou Hatano and illustrated by Shirabi. For a total of three volumes, it was released on December 20, 2013, and ended on February 17, 2016. Light book has gotten an honourable mention in the Kyoto Animation Award’s novel category for the 4th year running in 2013.

In the anime world, Kyoto Animation is well-known for their excellent job animating many of their adaptations, and they are the company behind the anime version of the film. Koe no Katachi, everyone’s favourite anime movie, is one of their best, as is the godlike animation Violet Evergarden and one of the saddest love stories ever told in an anime: Clannad!

Release Date Of Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2

The first season of ‘Musaigen no Phantom World’ debuted on January 7, 2016, and ended on March 31, 2016. A special episode was later published on DVD/BD on October 5, 2016, which had never been shown before. This anime series, like many others, is based on a light book series of the same name. ‘Musaigen no Phantom World’, despite a low MAL rating, has gathered enough popularity to warrant a second season. The anime’s artwork, in particular, is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that went into making it.

However, no formal announcements have been made about the release of a new season as of yet. ‘Musaigen no Phantom World’ Season 2 is expected to premiere in the autumn of 2020, according to certain reports. Although these statements are not yet official, we are unable to give them much credence. There is more than enough content to fill a whole new season; all we have to do now is wait for the Studio to officially announce the plan. To pass the time, you may catch up on the anime’s spin-off series or the manga’s backlog.

Myriad Colors Phantom Word Season 2

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Plot Of Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2

The anime ‘Musaigen no Phantom World’ is presented with a pre-history in which a laboratory experiment using human brains had gone horribly wrong a decade before the events of the anime. In the aftermath of this, a virus spread over the world, infecting the minds of all people and allowing them to suddenly perceive mythological entities who had been living among them all this time.

The humans are introduced to a whole new world of phantoms and ghosts, but shortly after, as a result of genetic development, the next generation of humans discovers that they possess the ability to combat these mythological monsters. Even while not all of the phantoms are malevolent, there are a few of them that cause humanity a great deal of difficulty.

What happens in Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 1

Haruhiko has lost his ability to seal Phantoms as a result of his battle with the Enigma. His mother is still unconscious at the hospital where he is being treated. It has been found that Ruru has undergone a significant personality transformation and is now acting more like Haruhiko than ever before. Because the two of them are so close, it’s probable that Haruhiko’s loss of magical talents has had an effect on Ruru as well as on him.

Elsewhere Koito has never been able to figure out what Enigma is all about. Because the equipment from the warehouse has the potential to access the Alayashiki computers and maybe Enigma information, she hurries to Haruhiko’s place and demands that he finish patching it immediately. Alayashiki has been researching the abilities of students for a long time, with applications ranging from slave labour to disposable armies. The nature of Haruhiko’s connection with Ruru is the topic of another file.

A new antipathy to humans has formed in Phantom’s most powerful creation, Enigma, as a result of his experiences with them. Enigma makes his way back to Alayashiki Hospital, where he is on the lookout for fresh clues. Mai, Koito, and Reina are able to easily defeat Enigma with the assistance of the Enigma clone. Haruhiko attempts to confront Enigma while protecting Ruru, but he gets hurt in the process.

His restrained careless attitude, which Himeno reveals, was the inspiration for the creation of Ruru, the main character of the novel. In all likelihood, Ruru has the same abilities as Haruhiko, and Haruhiko may return his abilities by kissing Ruru in the same manner that Enigma stole them away from him.

Cast Of Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2

Listed below are the actors who will be contributing their voices to the show’s most important characters:

Hiro Shimono
Azusa Tadokoro
Sumire Uesaka
Maaya Uchida
Saori Hayami
Misaki Kuno and some others.

End Lines

He is pleased to have Ruru by his side since he would no longer be compelled to feel alone as a result of having Ruru by his side. They are essentially inseparable and are almost always represented as being together in films and television programs, which reflects their close bond.

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