National Treasure 3: Why Makers Are Not Willing To Make More Seasons For The Show?

Many people were left wanting more after seeing National Treasure and its sequel, but actress Diane Kruger believes that a third National Treasure film is unlikely at this time.

However, actress Diane Kruger has stated that a third National Treasure film is in the works. Diane Kruger says National Treasure 3 won’t feature the original cast, but she’d be open to returning to the franchise if it were to materialise. Kruger made her film debut in 2004 as Dr. Abigail Chase in the first instalment of the Nation Treasure series.

It’s all about the Declaration of Independence and the search for an old treasure in this raucous adventure starring Nicolas Cage’s Benjamin Franklin Gates and Justin Bartha as Riley Poole. For National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which was released in 2007, the three actors who starred in the original film will reprise their roles.

In this new adventure, the crew is on the trail of an assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln, an attempted kidnapping of the president, and the search for a long-lost city of gold.

Both films were huge box office draws and critical darlings. Not much has been heard about National Treasure 3 in the last few months despite rumours of its existence. At this point, that doesn’t appear likely.

However, those eager to learn more about the National Treasure will soon be able to do so. The production of a new National Treasure series for Disney+ was announced in 2020 and is currently in the early stages. It’s already been announced that Lisette Alexis will play the major role in this reboot of the series.

It will follow Alexis in her role as Latina explorer Jess Morales, who is on a quest to uncover the secrets of her family’s murky past. The National Treasure series has not been given a premiere date, although it is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, one of the original producers of the films.

There is no doubt that Kruger has legitimate concerns regarding the ageing of the cast. Action movies may be physically demanding and taxing on performers, especially for actors who haven’t played their parts in more than a decade. However, this doesn’t mean that elderly explorers and adventures don’t have an audience.

Even if Harrison Ford is preparing to don his trademark hat for Indiana Jones 5, viewers are likely to show up for a National Treasure regardless of whether the characters have aged noticeably or not.

If a third National Treasure movie featuring the original cast is out of the question, fans can take comfort in knowing that the Disney+ series will satisfy their appetite for a third feature in the franchise. If it doesn’t live up to expectations, it’ll have to suffice. In any case, “never say never,” as Kruger put it.

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