National Treasure Edge of History Episode 5 Release Date: What Time Does It Comes Out?

National Treasure Edge of History Episode 5 Release Date: “National Treasure: Edge Of History,” a sequel to the “National Treasure” film series, is Disney’s most recent significant new adventure on Disney+. In this series, Jess Valenzuela’s world is flipped upside down when a mysterious stranger hints at a historically substantial treasure that could be linked to her long-deceased father.

Jess has a talent for riddles, and she and her pals must follow clues concealed in American antiques and monuments to the letter. But can Jess outwit a black market antiquities dealer in a race to unearth history’s most remarkable hidden treasure and reveal the truth about her family’s background?

Trust no one when going on a treasure hunt in the fifth episode. Jess starts to doubt whether this is accurate since she thinks a loved one may have told Billie a crucial piece of information, but she doesn’t want to believe it. Jess and her friends plan a heist during the Governor’s Ball, where Jess’s faith in her friends will be tested, while Tasha uses her technological prowess to find the mole.

Jess realizes the key to the next stage of the treasure hunt is locked in the Rare Books Room at the Governor’s mansion. Rick Muirragui, who also works as a writer for the show, is one of the executive producers along with Jerry Bruckheimer, Cormac & Marianne Wibberley, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed. Executive producer Jon Turteltaub is also involved. The director and executive producer are Mira Nair.

National Treasure: Edge of History Episode 5 Release Date
National Treasure: Edge of History Episode 5 Release Date

National Treasure Edge of History Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of the beautiful series National Treasure Edge of History will soon be released, and fans can’t wait to watch it. On December 28, 2022, episode 4 of the National Treasure Edefe series was aired, and now everyone is anticipating episode 5’s release. On January 4, 2023, the fifth episode of the National Treasure Edge of History series will be available.

National Treasure Edge of History Episode 5 Cast

Following a detailed explanation of the National Treasure Edge of History Episode 5 Release Date, we would like to go into more detail about the great series’ cast:

  • You can see Lisette Olivera as Jess
  • You can see Zuri Reed as Tasha
  • You can also see Antonio Cipriano as Oren
  • You can see Jordan Rodrigues as Ethan
  • You can also see Jake Austin Walker as Liam
  • You can also see Catherine Zeta-Jones as Billie
  • You can see Lyndon Smith as Agent Ross
  • You can see Breeda Wool as Kacey

National Treasure Edge of History Episode 4 Recap

Beginning with a suspicious figure outside, episode 4 of National Treasure: Edge of History opens with Jess and Tasha accepting a package. It seems to be from Ethan. Interestingly, the box in question contains cupcakes. Oren, Jess, and Tasha use the evidence they have so far to try to solve the riddle while Ethan is out playing golf.

Looking into Maliche with hints that haven’t been solved in 200 years is one source of that. So, of course, Liam and I will engage in some teenage drama! Before Jess decides to go along, Tasha and Jess wind up stalking Peter’s social media accounts. Oren and Tasha are then invited to Peter’s wake the next day.

Billie says that she has two parts and a hint for the third, which is the speech Elvis gave her in the previous episode. Billie jokes about Tik Tok as she exits the building and engages in combat with Charlie and his thugs—after the treasure for themselves—in the parking lot. Billie triumphs, as should be expected.

These hints now lead them to Peter’s wake, where they discover Riley Poole, the podcaster we saw arrive earlier in the episode, will be present. More tension develops between Jess and Liam during the wake before Riley, a podcaster and a treasure seeker is brought into the mystery.

Agent Nichols is also present at the wake and enquires about Peter Sadusky and the connections between the kids and him. Naturally, Nichols enters and begins to sniff around the workplace. She collects a sample and uses an app to identify a plant.

Riley joins the building after she departs and discovers the office and, consequently, the Hidden Clue room. Riley regrettably touches one of the souvenirs, which causes Riley to become imprisoned inside with Jess as the alarm sounds.

Peter must have kept his code buried somewhere because the two still remember that he had dementia. Liam receives some encouraging words from Myles, Peter’s associate, who confesses that Peter used to listen to his songs as the only thing that brought him joy as they tried to figure out how to escape the Clue Room.

As a result, Liam decides to perform a song for him at the wake. Tasha enters the house simultaneously and starts fiddling with the office while attempting to get into the Clue Room, which has been locked inside. As they are about to run out of oxygen, Jess realizes that Sacagawea is the key she is looking for, and they escape the room just in time.

All of our characters gather when they open the door, and Jess tells them what they’ve learned and how Sacagawea fits into this situation. They then encounter Meriwether Lewis, the former governor of Louisiana, as a result. They’re after a journal written in honor of his dog and on display at his mansion.

After that, Oren and Tasha also experience some forced agony before Jess and Liam share a kiss. Riley then departs before telling Jess that one of her pals isn’t a friend. Information is being leaked. It appears to be Liam.

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