NCT’s Haechan to Miss Shows Due to Heart Palpitations

NCT’s Haechan: Haechan will be missing from schedules, NCT’s management company, SM Entertainment, announced in a statement on January 6. Haechan recently started exhibiting unusual heart palpitations, according to the statement, therefore he went to the hospital with his boss for evaluations and consultations.

NCT's Haechan
NCT’s Haechan

According to the medical personnel, Haechan would need to get care and stability in order to recuperate. Haechan will therefore take a break from his schedule for the time being. Haechan will not be present for scheduled events the following week, according to the statement, which also states that he will resume his activities at a later time. Read the whole statement here:


This is a reminder that member Haechan is ill and will not be available as scheduled.

Haechan had been feeling his chest tighten and had heart palpitations, so he went to the hospital with his boss for a checkup and got the help he needed. Haechan will miss scheduled events so that he can relax and recuperate, as it is crucial for him to get enough sleep.

With that, Haechan will be missing from the next week’s schedules. We will make an announcement later on regarding the start of his activities again. We apologize for worrying his followers and appeal for your patience with Haechan’s health.

NCT’s Haechan

South Korean singer and dancer Lee Dong-hyuck, also known by his stage as HAECHAN (Hangul), was born in Seoul on June 6, 2000. (he later moved to Jeju Island with his family and grew up there before becoming a trainee). He performs as the principal dancer and vocalist for NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and NCT U.

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