Netflix Original K Dramas To Binge Watch

Do you remember the days when people from outside of Korea had to use BitTorrent to view Korean dramas? (Oh, the Struggle) Thankfully, with the massive success of Korean dramas around the world, such is no longer the case. Netflix, of all places, has been a key contributor to this impressive online presence.

Since Netflix has its own K-drama section and allocates substantial production costs to the genre, we can now watch many of our favorite Korean dramas on the service. Netflix has been releasing many Netflix Originals, which are not necessarily streamed on television but are available exclusively on Netflix, in response to the growing popularity of Korean dramas around the world.

For Korea, this paradigm shift presented a dilemma because most K-dramas are broadcast twice weekly on television rather than all episodes being made available at once, as is the case with services like Netflix. That worry, however, was unfounded, since Netflix’s original K-dramas have been smashing viewership records.

Korean entertainment has grown to include themes and genres previously unthinkable in Korean Dramas shown on television as a result of the industry’s willingness to experiment and loosen limitations. This article will examine several binge-worthy Korean dramas that are currently airing.

In spite of your best intentions, you will probably find yourself staying up until 5 a.m. to witness the conclusion of one of the dramas on this list. Put on some binge-worthy K-Dramas, and we’ll watch them all together on the most popular TV streaming service.


Watching this drama is like getting to know IU from the perspective of four different directors.


The first Korean drama to go viral on Netflix. In my opinion, Kingdom is the type of drama that everybody can appreciate. It’s like a zombie movie crossed with ancient Korea. Don’t seem to go together at all, huh? You should really look into it.

Love Alarm 

An intriguing premise: two men and a woman fall in love in a world where a smartphone app may tell them if someone nearby likes them.

Squid Game 

If you haven’t heard about this drama by this point, you must be living in a cave. Drama is about a group of high-achieving individuals who band together to achieve a common goal; the most popular Korean Netflix Original drama to date. Squid Games’ grand prize.


The plot revolves around a cult in which members believe that in order to avoid eternal damnation, they must perform acts of kindness for others.

The School Nurse Flies

A nurse discovers she has unusual supernatural ability in this charming and entertaining little drama. She’s on a mission to save high schoolers from monsters that only she can see.

Sweet Home

The human race is progressively transforming into monsters, and a young man must fight to stay alive and save humanity from extinction in this gripping drama.

Move to Heaven

The protagonist of this touching drama is a man with Asperger’s who embarks on a quest to learn the backstories of the objects left behind by the recently deceased.


The two main characters in this drama, which is based on a true story, share memories from their time serving in the Korean military police and trying to apprehend deserters.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

Originally a Spanish drama, Money Heist now has an official Korean adaptation. In 2025, when the two halves of the peninsula finally merge into one, a band of criminals sets out on their mission to commit the greatest heist in the peninsula’s history.

The Silent Sea

The first Korean science fiction drama is a massive thriller, following a carefully picked team as they go on a 24-hour trip to the moon in search of a secret that may rescue humanity. But before they got there, what was going on with the moon? 

It’s wonderful to watch Korean entertainment gain more international recognition thanks to the proliferation of Netflix programs. We know this only scratches the surface of the Korean Netflix Originals available, so we’d appreciate it if you could suggest some more. Tell us about some that didn’t make the cut. What’s your preferred option, if any? Tell us what you think down below!