Netizens Discuss Their Favorite Underrated Artists, KPOP Groups, and Indie Soloists

Netizens Discuss Their Favorite Underrated Artists: Many people immediately think of groups like Seventeen (SVT), BTS, StrayKids, EXO, GOT7, TXT, Black Pink, TWICE, KARD, Red Velvet, EverGlow, etc. when they hear the term “Kpop,” and this is understandable.

The members of these bands discover their own identities as performers and the paths they wish to take as they pursue their artistic goals. Variety within K-pop is more than ever before, with numerous subgenres now existing alongside traditional ones.

Everyone, regardless of musical preferences, might find something to love here. Currently, listeners are talking about and sharing their appreciation for more underappreciated or just musicians they wish had more respect from fans.

To see if your favourites made the cut or if you’re just searching for some new, exciting music to listen to, here are the top 25 acts. (Individuals, Duos, Bands, and Ensembles) Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic or recommend a related musician in the thread below or on the forum! Read on to see if any of your preferred selections made the cut.

Netizens discuss their favorite artists
Netizens discuss their favourite artists

#1. Artist Name. city noise. 

Recommended Song. Bounces.

Followers. 6,861 Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

#2. Artist Name. Jeong Sewoon

Recommended Song. :m (MIND) & FINE.

Followers. 373,484 Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

#3. Artist Name. Millic. 

Recommended Song. SOMETHING.

Followers. 39,982 Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

#4. Artist Name. Untell. 

Recommended Song. CHAIN ON Remix.

Followers. 29,878 Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

#5. Artist Name. Woo Jin Young. (Of D1CE). 

Recommended Song. Unbelievable.

Followers. 13,113 Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

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