New Features IOS 16 Beta 4: Messages History, Lock Screen, Wallpapers, & More

As an Amazon Associate and associate partner, AppleInsider may earn a commission on qualifying purchases made by its readers. No changes have been made to our content as a result of these affiliate relationships. Apple has made iOS 16’s fourth beta available to developers and the general public. As Apple prepares to release it, it includes a number of new modifications. So far, this is what we know.

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This is the third beta of IOS 16, and Apple’s developer team has been working hard since then. The release notes reveal a long list of flaws and issues that have been repaired ahead of this beta. Although we’ve only had the beta for a short period of time, it’s heartening to see such a long number of fixes being implemented behind the scenes. In addition to bug fixes, there are a number of user-facing modifications that have been implemented.


Some major improvements have been implemented in the Messages app in the fourth developer beta. You can amend a message for up to 15 minutes, but you can only unsend a message for two minutes after sending it. Both the sender and the recipient can see a history of the changes made to a message after it has been changed. Messages that have been altered can be expanded by tapping the term Edited at the bottom of the message. After five revisions, a message can be re-edited with all the previous edits clearly visible. Deleted messages have no history other than a notification that a message has been unsent.

New Features IOS 16 Beta 4
New Features IOS 16 Beta 4

It’s a Lock Screen 

Apple has made a few modifications to the new Lock Screen as they strive to improve it. You’ll see new wording letting you know that widgets can be added when you try to create or change a Lockscreen. Before, it wasn’t obvious unless you were already familiar with the route. It appears like the Astronomical Lock Screen has been updated. Compared to the third beta, the sun now seems more diffused and brighter white. Earth, Saturn, and a few other planets appear to have a greater level of detail and color.

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Apple has released a beta version of the ActivityKit API for developers. This is what enables the Lock Screen to display real-time activities. Think about your Uber Eats order, the score of a live game, or the arrival time of your cab. This API is now available for developers to use in preparation for the upcoming release of iOS 16 later this year. The volume slider on the “currently playing” widget gets bigger when you adjust the level.

Changes to notification settings were the final Lock Screen feature we found. The notification settings now have a visual means to distinguish between a stack, a list, or a count rather than just relying on text. In this way, it’s much easier to grasp the various notification display options out there.

Other Alterations

The undo send delay can now be customized in the new version of Mail. You can now choose between off, 10 seconds, or 30 seconds instead of waiting 20 seconds. Apple has updated the Home app with two new wallpapers. This image shows a blurry white wall and some sun-dappled flowers. There’s a new data view in Health.

Finally, CarPlay wallpapers have been updated. CarPlay customers will soon be able to select from three additional options, in addition to the plethora of other adjustments arriving this fall.

At the moment, registered public beta testers and developers are participating in Apple’s iOS 16 beta testing program. It will be released alongside other new Apple software platforms in the fall of this year.