New K-Dramas Will Be Available On Netflix In September 2022

Here we take a look at the upcoming September 2022 Netflix k-dramas. Since Squid Game brought South Korean film and television to a wider international audience, there has been a surge of interest in Netflix’s newest k-dramas and other South Korean productions. Here at Ready Steady Cut, we cover all things Korean drama on Netflix, so let us be the heralds of good news by spilling the beans on the next k-dramas.

This post is not completed and will be updated when new information becomes available, although September is a very slow month for k-dramas. Nonetheless, the limited supply will undoubtedly have an impact on the market, especially considering the widespread popularity and frequent adaptations of Little Women. Now for the bad news:

Little Women

Release Date: September 9

Number of Episodes: 12

Although many other works have been adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s classic, this is the first Korean translation. It’s not a period piece but rather takes place in the present day. AsianWiki’s kind permission. When three sisters become embroiled in a case, they find themselves pitted against South Korea’s most powerful family.

Oh In-Joo, played by Kim Go-Eun, is the eldest of the sisters. She was born into extreme poverty, and that circumstance has not changed for her. She knew even as a child that the best way to safeguard herself and her family was to amass wealth. She hopes one day to be just another person in the world. She becomes entangled in a potentially life-altering situation.

Nam Ji-Oh Hyun’s In-Kyung is the middle sibling. She works as a reporter on a news network, where she enthusiastically covers stories. Doing the right thing is important to her. Like him, she comes from a humble background, but she knows that material possessions aren’t what’s most important. As a new reporter, she’s starting to look into a weird case she encountered years ago.

The youngest of the three sisters is Oh In-Hye (Park Ji-Hu). Her innate artistic ability has landed her a spot in a prestigious secondary school for the arts. It’s not uncommon for her to feel overwhelmed by her two elder sisters’ devotion.

Narco-Saints Season 1

Seasons: 1 Episode: 6

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Cast: Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo, Jo Woo Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok

Netflix Release Date: September 9th, 2022

Park Hae Soo stars in the thrilling new Korean criminal thriller Narco-Saints, which follows the critically acclaimed films Squid Game and the Korean version of Money Heist. The drama, originally titled The Accidental Narco, now goes by a different moniker to emphasize that it has nothing to do with the hugely successful Narcos series.

Narco-Saints is set in South America and is inspired by real events involving a drug lord who has caught the eye of the National Intelligence Service. The spy agency enlists the aid of a regular businessman who moved to Suriname in the hopes of striking it rich but instead became embroiled in the illegal drug trade.

If you were to choose between two new Korean dramas coming to Netflix in September 2022, which would you choose?