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New Kakao Music Programme Will Create Virtual K-pop Band

Kakao Music Programme

Kakao Music Programme

New Kakao Music Programme Will Create Virtual K-pop Band. Virtual reality as part of the broader notion of the metaverse is the latest trend in several fields, including the entertainment industry. The new music survival programme “GIRL’S RE: VERSE” by Kakao Entertainment aims to combine K-pop musicians with the concept of immersive, virtual reality.

On the new show’s premiere date of November 28th, 30 singers from various K-pop female groups will compete to be in the top five and make their VR debut as a group. Throughout the tournament, the competitors will use virtual avatars to display their performing skills and talents in order to protect their anonymity.

Hosts for the show include singer Bada, dancer Aiki, and actors Boom and Pengsoo. Cho Wook-Hyung, whose resume includes “Infinite Challenge,” and Park Jin-Kyung, whose credits include “Dunia: Into the New World” and “My Little Television,” serve as executive producers of the show.

Kakao Music Programme

Park, speaking through the show’s production firm, said, “Virtual avatars have been garnering greater attention throughout the world,” adding that there are already virtual singers performing in places like Japan. We wanted to highlight the complementary nature of the K-pop stars‘ stellar singing and dancing by combining them with digital personas.

According to Park, he opted for a survival style that is common for music programmes because the show is based on the novel idea of virtual reality. Cho has teased the concert, claiming that the audience would be surprised by the acts they see.

“In the beginning, the female vocal groups were fun and upbeat. Yet as time goes on, their ambition to join the online community only grows “As he put it. Participants are truly exhibiting tremendous talent (via the show), as they didn’t have many opportunities to show off their own talents or personalities due to the group activities.

The producers have said that the show’s appeal will come from the participants’ distinct personalities. “All 30 people involved gave their avatars’ names and made up histories. They see a bit of themselves in their characters.

Still, they’re taking it all in stride, like they’re playing a roleplaying game “To quote Park: “Therefore, it would be intriguing for spectators to track these developments throughout the show.” As Cho further explained, “There’s a girl from Busan, an iceberg girl, and a girl from another planet who all want to conquer the world.

Each female has an intriguing backstory and personality of her own.” Episodes of “GIRL’S RE: VERSE” will premiere on KakaoPage and YouTube on November 28 at 7 p.m. and air weekly on Mondays at 9 p.m.

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