Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer, Who Is 35 Years Old, Is The Newest K-Pop Star

Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer, Who Is 35 Years Old, Is The Newest K-Pop Star. The dream of a Singaporean businessman who relocated to South Korea in May 2021 to pursue his musical career has come true.

The 35-year-old CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings, David Yong, recently admitted that he decided to become a K-pop talent after toying with the idea. On July 5, Yong dropped his first-ever hip-hop single, “In My Pocket,” which featured Kid Milli.

The music video, which Jeon Ji-Yoon, a former member of 4Minute, helped make, has racked up over 10 million views on YouTube as of this writing. Additionally, he worked with the R&B band 4Men on the song “My Way,” which was used on the soundtrack for the Korean drama “School 2021.”

Newest K-Pop Star
Newest K-Pop Star

According to an interview Yong gave to The Korea Times, the largest problem he encountered was that the producers and the musicians “only talked in Korean.” When he first arrived in the country, he found it challenging to learn Korean at a rate that would allow him to keep up with the pace of his producers.

Since this was the case, I had to squeeze as much as I could into a relatively short time frame, maybe two to four months. Training while simultaneously learning the Korean language and culture was a significant challenge.

Yong stated that he wants to bridge the gap between Korea and Southeast Asia by importing outstanding musicians from the region and also by exporting Korean materials. After having business discussions with Rainbow Bridge World (RBW), the management agency behind the girl group Mamamoo, the notion to become a K-artist came to him.

Yong told The Korea Times, “I and RBW first started off by discussing prospective partnerships that we could do to target the Southeast Asian music industry, as both of us were very interested in exporting Korean content.”

“As we discussed various business concepts, RBW realised that I had the capacity to become an influencer CEO, rather than simply running the company. After negotiating a contract with RBW, I was able to perform my own songs for them.

Since Yong wanted to start a business in the K-pop industry, he decided to become a singer himself. He said that fellow musicians Jeon and Kid Millie were instrumental in the success of his K-pop debut.

“Jeon, who has a great deal of singing experience, also provided me with some instruction,” he stated. She helped me along the way and educated me on the various skills I’d need to become a successful K-pop singer.

Yong has announced plans to release new music in 2019 and to work with other established names in the K-pop industry on some of his future songs. A K-pop music festival event in Southeast Asia and a pop-up for K-pop training in Singapore are just two of the many ventures he plans to launch in 2023.

Yong has previously told Mothership that his curriculum will help prospective musicians reach the “basic minimum standard required” in order to succeed in the entertainment industry. In his opinion, today’s youth shouldn’t confine themselves to “just one pursuit” in life.

As opposed to focusing just on a single end objective, they should be flexible enough to take advantage of other chances that may arise along the route.

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