K-pop Fans Note the Charming Things Newjeans Members Do That Demonstrate They’re Still Kids

Newjeans Members: The girls are starting to live in the spotlight all the time due to their rising fame, with fans paying close attention to every aspect of NewJeans. Fans have now been aware of tiny, lovely things the girls do that demonstrate that they are, in fact, just young girls.

One fan made a list of the actions taken by NewJeans members that demonstrate that they are regular teenage girls. The reader wrote: “They look like babies when you see them dressed in everyday clothes. All their backpacks are open, so the security guy has to close them for them because they only worry about warm clothing.

Hanni is displaying the ring that Harvin gave her as a present.” He noted: “Since we are preparing for Christmas, the NewJeans youngsters showed up out of the blue and said they wanted to support DOLPHINERS FILM. These girls care about these things because they are genuinely innocent and pure. I was truly simply relaxing, though.”

Newjeans Members
Newjeans Members

Fans were interested in the videos and pictures director Shin Woo Seok uploaded of the girls having fun and acting like little girls. The fan shared a letter Haein sent to CEO Min Hee Jin that demonstrated how adorable they are.

The letter was sticker-adorned and read, “Hello! CEO! When I saw a cute acorn figurine and a cute postcard while we were in Japan, I thought of you and bought it. Be strong and healthy at all times, please! by Haein.” After that, Haein added an arrow to the final heart she had drawn and the words “The heart looks a bit odd” beneath it.

They are real baby bunnies, “This is so cute,” “They are just babies,” “Why are they so cute,” and “I feel like a mom reading this. lol” were some of the comments left by fans who watched this collection and couldn’t get over how adorable the members are.

The fan who made the online community post highlighted how the girls treasure the items they got in another collection of images. The “Ditto” music video’s director agreed that the group was adorable. In a social media post, he added that the participants came to support the DOLPHINERS FILM production crew over the holiday season.

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