Countdown to the Nier Automata Anime Release Date on Crunchyroll Starts!

Nier Automata Anime Release Date: After much back-and-forth about the NieR Automata anime release date, with Aniplex announcing it as January 7, 2023, then Crunchyroll walking it back to “January,” it has finally been confirmed. The show will premiere in Japan on January 7, 2023.

Crunchyroll will handle the streaming outside of Japan. In addition, the most recent reveal included the NieR Automata anime opening and ending theme songs, as well as a glimpse of Devola and Popola in the show.

In terms of music, the two groups performing the NieR Automata anime opening and ending theme songs should be familiar. The episodes will begin with “Escalate” by Aimer. Aimer most recently performed the opening sequence for the Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc. “Zankyo Sanka” is the name of the song.

Amazarashi’s “Antinomy” will serve as the closing theme. People may recognize the group from its many anime theme songs. It performed, for example, the 86 opening “Kyokaisen” and the My Hero Academia opening “Sora ni Utaeba.” It has also previously performed “Deserving of Life” for the game NieR Automata.

Finally, here’s the latest NieR Automata anime release date trailer, which includes snippets of new themes and character appearances. Devola and Popola appear at 35 seconds.

Nier Automata Anime Release Date
Nier Automata Anime Release Date

What Will Be The Release Date Of Nier Automata Anime?

Yes, friends, you read that correctly: the Nier Automata anime will be released in early January 2023. While we’ve previously reported on Nier Automata anime snippets, a trailer released on Christmas Day 2022 finally provided us with the information we needed: the official release date.

Nier Automata Ver1.1a will be available on Hulu and Prime Video, as well as a variety of Japanese streaming services, on January 7, 2022. These are all listed here.

Nier Automata Anime Gameplay

Nier: Automata is an open-world action role-playing game (ARPG) in which players control combat androids from the YoRHa units. In addition to standard foot navigation, the player can summon a wild animal to ride and, in some scenarios, pilot a flying mech to fight enemies.

As with Nier (2010), the camera shifts from its standard third-person perspective to an overhead or side-scrolling view during navigation in some environments. Platforming elements are also present in some areas, requiring the player to navigate by jumping between platforms or over obstacles.

Side quests for non-playable characters (NPCs) found throughout the world can be completed by the player. The player can purchase items from shops located in hub locations, including consumables that restore health. Automata have 26 different endings, with five main endings lettered A-E and 21 additional endings lettered F-Z.

These alternate endings serve as game-over events, triggered by certain actions, failing to progress the narrative, or losing certain battles. Combat is an action-based hack and slash, with the player fighting enemies in real time across a variety of in-game environments.

During the battle, the player can use light attacks, which are quick but weak, and heavy attacks, which are slower but more powerful. The player can evade enemy attacks and, with correctly timed button presses, gain temporary invulnerability and launch a heavy damage counterattack.

A Pod, a flying robot assistant that can launch customizable ranged attacks ranging from simple gunfire to heavy-hitting hammer attacks, also assists the player. Pods can also protect the player in a variety of ways. The gameplay changes at various points to reflect different video game genres, ranging from shoot ’em up segments to text adventure segments.

In combat, the player can use two melee weapons. While attacking, the player can switch between weapons and attacks to perform combo attacks. Weapons are classified into four types: short swords, long swords, bracers, and spears. Charged and launched attacks with various weapon types can also be used to increase damage.

Weapon Stories, a recurring element in both the Nier and Drakengard series in which weapons found around the world have unique stories attached to them, are also included.

Each character has a distinct style; the first protagonist, 2B, is an attacker with two weapons at his disposal, the second protagonist, 9S, has only one weapon and specializes in hacking into enemies to deal high damage, and later character A2 plays similarly to 2B with the added ability to temporarily boost attack power by sacrificing health.

What Is The Story Of Automata?

The anime adaptation will differ slightly from the game story, according to the few details available. It’s safe to assume that at least some of what you see in Nier Automata’s journey will be included in the anime. We certainly anticipate hearing a lot about the proxy battle between human-made androids and alien-crafted machines.

About Nier Automata Anime Trailer

Yes! There have been several trailers for the NieR: Automata anime. The majority of the trailers are 30 seconds or less in length and focus on a specific character, such as 2B or Pascal. The most recent trailer, however, provides a more comprehensive look at the series as a whole.

The longest and most detailed look we’ve gotten so far comes from the Aniplex Online Fest video, which is mostly made up of interviews with series creator Yoko Taro and the voice actors for 2B and 9S. The eight-and-a-half-minute video concludes with a sizzle reel.

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