Is It Better To Have Bangs Or No Bangs On Newjeans Hyein?

No Bangs On Newjeans Hyein: One of this generation’s top rookie female groups, NewJeans, is rising. They have won accolades for their original high-teen feel and novel ideas for their music videos. It is not surprising that the members of NewJeans are frequently in the media because the group has emerged as the newest “IT” girl group.

 No Bangs On Newjeans Hyein
No Bangs On Newjeans Hyein

Thus, discussions concerning the NewJeans members are hot topics on numerous well-known internet forums. The most recent debate on K-net is whether or not Hyein of NewJeans looks better with bangs. A conversation about Hyein’s charges and lack thereof was initiated on Instiz, one of the well-known online forums where Korean netizens have discussions.

The internet user who posted the article enquired, “I think with (bangs)! When asked, “Does Hyein look better with bangs or without bangs?” she said, She’s so trendy.” Fans and other internet users joined the conversation and added their opinions. “It’s so my preference that she has bangs,” they said.

“I prefer her absent,” “I truly appreciate how she has black hair and bangs,” Although she’s a rookie, I believe bangs would be preferable for her because they would give her a unique look. I think she has more charm. Nothing matters, “I enjoy her short choppy bangs,” and “I believe she’s so lot cuter with bangs.”

Which do you prefer? Does Hyein’s hairstyle—bangs or no bangs—look better?

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