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When Is Noragami Season 3 Coming? [2022 Updates]

Noragami Season 3 Release Date Status

There are gods and deities. It’s interesting to consider our preconceived notions about God. Particularly when it comes to the way they’re portrayed in specific television shows. The series Noragami has given us a fresh look at God and the universe in which he lives. It enlightened us as to the possibility that our conceptions of God are erroneous. In this anime, the Gods are shown to be just like us. Making every effort to fulfill their life’s purpose. As many people’s desires as possible can be met with this goal. It’s only a matter of time before an anime with such an intriguing premise garners a sizable fan base. They’ll make sure they get the most out of the show they’ve come to love so much, too.

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In light of this, Noragami launched its Second Season in 2015, a year after the first. As a result, fans have been desperate for a new season ever since. Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori’s latest adventure are eagerly awaited by fans around the world. However, when will the next season begin? When will there be a third season of Noragami? Has the third season of Noragami been officially announced? The answer to that will be revealed to us today. Noragami Season 3 Is Happening in 2022. Here’s Everything You Need to Know. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

This Is All We Know About Noragami… So Far.

Before we get into the upcoming season, let’s take a look at what we have at our disposal as Noragami. Their manga counterpart is called ‘Noragami’. Adachitoka wrote and illustrated this manga. Yato is a ‘Stray God,’ as the title suggests. Unlike most other deities, Yato has no shrine and only a small number of devotees. Because he wants to be known as a god, he decides to aid humans. His approach to helping, on the other hand, is quite different from what you might expect. Like a salesman, he leaves flyers all over the place to fulfill the wishes of his fans. He also charges only $5 for all of his services. That’s correct! You can get the help of a God for just a few cents. And the assistance you receive can be anything from a simple bathroom clean-up to the assassination of your most vehement competitor. YES!

Yato can be hired for as little as 5 to commit murder. The Delivery God gets his moniker from this. Then again, he also kills “Curses” in addition to providing these services Humans construct curses, which are a collection of unfavorable thoughts. Then there’s Yato’s Dark Past, which includes curses and murders. Yato’s Regalia (weapon) Yukine and a friend Hiyori accompany him on his journey to becoming a popular God and having his own shrine. As a result of Yukine’s tragic death, Yato decides to adopt him as his Regalia. However, Hiyori sacrificed her life to save Yato. Hiyori saved Yato’s life by rescuing him from a collision with a truck. As a result, the soul of the deceased can leave her body at any time. There are two ways this can occur: knowingly or unknowingly. Hiyori joins Yato because he promises to cure her of this ailment.

But that’s never the case with him! The journey of these three people in this world of curses and blessings then begins. How long will it take for Yato to be given a shrine? What was Yato’s previous life like? Is there any hope for Hiyori’s physical recovery? We covered this topic in the series. The first season of the anime, titled ‘Noragami,’ aired from January 5 to March 23 of this year. It had a total of 12 parts. “Noragami Aragoto” aired from October 3, 2015, through December 26, 2015. It had a total of 13 parts. Each season of this series received two OVAs.

When Will Noragami Season 3 Be Announced And Released?

Season 3 of Noragami has yet to receive an official announcement. Season 3 of Noragami was rumored to be coming out. However, that rumor was a hoax that was spread by a tweet. The third season of the series would be a fantastic addition. There was a year between seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 has been delayed much longer, and die-hard fans have grown impatient. Despite this, there have been no indications from the show’s creators that a second season is in the works. It’s hard to think of a possible explanation for this. Is there a problem with the source material? Let’s find out, shall we?

Noragami Season 3: Additional Information on the Source Material

The manga ‘Noragami’ was adapted into an anime series titled ‘Noragami’. Adachitoka is the manga’s author and illustrator. It came out on December 23, 2010. It’s still being serialized, and there are currently 96 chapters. These are broken down into 24 volumes, each containing 95 chapters. As a result, the story of the Manga is jam-packed with information.

Volumes English Release Date
Volume 1 September 2, 2014
Volume 2 November 18, 2014
Volume 3 January 20, 2015
Volume 4 April 28, 2015
Volume 5 June 23, 2015
Volume 6 August 18, 2015
Volume 7 October 13, 2015
Volume 8 November 17, 2015
Volume 9 December 22, 2015
Volume 10 January 28, 2016
Volume 11 February 25, 2016
Volume 12 March 24, 2016
Volume 13 April 19, 2016
Volume 14 May 17, 2016
Volume 15 June 21, 2016
Volume 16 July 19, 2016
Volume 17 October 25, 2016
Volume 18 June 6, 2017
Volume 19 December 11, 2018
Volume 20 June 11, 2019
Volume 21 March 10, 2020
Volume 22 November 24, 2020
Volume 23 November 9, 2021
Volume 24 June 15, 2022

Aragoto is included in only 38 chapters of the manga, so this is safe to say. As a result, the manga has a lot of material for the upcoming season of the anime to draw from, as well. One more thing to keep in mind about Manga. Noragami was the 14th best-selling manga series in Japan in the first half of 2014. As a result of its widespread appeal, a sequel is inevitable. Let’s take a look at the Noragami Season 3 popularity statistics while we’re on the subject of popular culture.

Popularity Information Of Noragami Season 3

The success of a sequel hinges on its popularity. The more popular a show is, the more likely it is to return for a second season. The best way to gauge how popular something is is to look at how it is being distributed. We should take a look at Google Trends because it is the most popular search engine.

Google Trends

We can learn a lot about Noragami’s global appeal by taking a look at how many people have watched Season 3. For a long time, the trend has been above 20% to 30%. Peaks can be found all over the plot, which indicates how much interest there is among viewers. To put it another way, the audience is desperate for more episodes! So far, so good, according to Google Trends. Is there a platform that you haven’t tried?


More than 109,000 people follow Noragami Aragoto’s official Twitter account. In my opinion, that’s one of the most mind-boggling numbers ever! This just proves how popular this anime series is among fans. An enormous number of people follow the anime’s Twitter account.

That’s also a good sign. Since the majority of anime fans are more active on Twitter, these figures could play a role in future seasons. That’s why I love Twitter so much. However, how many Google searches have been made? See what we can find.

Search In US, UK 

Let’s take a look at how many people are searching for “Noragami Season 3” on Google. It’s clear from this graph that there are more than 60,000 monthly searches worldwide for Noragami Season 3. There are 31k searches from the United States and 3.1k searches from the United Kingdom in this total.

As a result, the anime has a sizable fan base in the United States and is getting a lot of interest from people all over the world. These figures clearly show that the Noragami series has a devoted following. It’s also worth noting that the number of searches for a season that hasn’t even been released is comparable to that of Noragami Season 2. As a result, Noragami Season 3 is a Google search success story!

Noragami’s Season 3 Plot

The plot of Noragami Season 3 has yet to be determined. From this sequel, what can we expect? Season 3 is expected to be even better than Season 2, according to many manga fans. The general structure, however, would probably remain the same. It’s all fun and games for the three of them as they help Yato build his shrine. This adorable trio has won over even the most skeptics. We all know that the characters in Noragami were one of the show’s best aspects. As a result, the upcoming season should be a continuation of the classic Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori journey as they continue to destroy curses.

In fact, the plot of the original series hinted at what might happen in the sequel. If you recall correctly, Yato’s father was shown to us at the end of Noragami. His name has been mentioned numerous times in the anime. In the next season, we may learn more about our Delivery God’s past and how he and his father interacted. To Yato’s Father, how close is Nora’s relationship? Yato’s father did what he did to Hiyori because of what? What exactly does he have in mind? The Noragami world’s Higher Up Gods are another crucial plot point that can be properly explored. At first glance, it appears as though those responsible for Ebisu’s death in the final episode are plotting something sinister. It would be wonderful if they investigated these Higher Up Gods and presented the truth about them! This season’s Noragami will be able to answer these questions. Isn’t this season going to be delicious? For those of you who haven’t seen Noragami, here are some opinions from other anime fans about Season 3.

Online Reactions To Noragami Season 3

The popularity of an anime can be gauged by the number of people who leave comments on the show’s official website. If a large number of people enjoy an anime, then it must be good. Because not all reactions are genuine, it’s important to look at a variety of responses on multiple platforms.

Reactions on Twitter

It’s been four years since the last season of Noragami aired. There are many others. There is a slew of other Twitter memes and posts calling for a Noragami 2 sequel. The fans are eager to see more of their favorite trio in action. As previously stated, the show’s characters are a big part of it. As a result, many viewers are eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite characters in a future season. As a result, it appears that Twitter is on our side. However, why not take a look at some other sites?

Reddit Reaction

Another site heavily frequented by anime fans all over the world is Reddit. Look at what they have to say about the third season of Noragami. This franchise has a lot of fans on Reddit who are eagerly awaiting the third season. Rumors and speculation are circulating. However, we have yet to receive an answer that is conclusive. As a result, many weebs are disappointed. We’re disappointed but intrigued if our favorite anime isn’t renewed for another season. That is a foregone conclusion. And Reddit is a great place to see this sentiment in action. I hope the show’s creators pay more attention to the franchise now that so many people want a second season. Let’s see if there are any positive reviews for this show. Let’s first take a look at one last website to see how fans are reacting to the news.

Quora Reaction

Many anime fans also frequent Quora, which is a question-and-answer site. Let’s see what Noragami Season 3 Quora users have to say. Quora users, like Redditors, want to see another season of this show. In regards to the sequel, there have been a number of suppositions, analyses, opinions, and educated guesses. It’s heartening to see so many more people interested in anime. Even more depressing is the fact that there has been no response from the creators. We all know that the absence of a positive signal from creators is a warning sign. Because of this, fans are hoping that the creators of the Noragami franchise will give us some hints or teasers about the upcoming sequel. Online Reactions have come to a close. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind our desire for a third season of this anime.

So Why Are We So Excited for a Third Season?

There is only one correct answer to this question. As a group, we’d like to see more of our trio. A second season is now sought after by many fans for various reasons. It’s possible that they’d like to see it for the sake of the story itself. Then again, they might be looking for a little more high-octane entertainment. The overwhelming majority of fans want to see more of Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori, their favorite comic trio. One of the series’ best features is its cast of likable characters and their intertwined stories. Noragami put a lot of emphasis on the way their characters looked and how they interacted with one another within the series. As a result, it was impossible for their admirers not to fall in love with these people. People have already started awaiting the next installment so that they can catch up on their favorite characters. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the Noragami franchise’s rating and review statistics.

Ratings and Reviews of Noragami

Ratings and reviews can also be used to gauge how much attention a series has received. As a result, it’s important to consider them as well.

Rating Website Rating
Myanimelist 7.98/10
IMDb 7.9/10
Crunchyroll 4.8/5


The Noragami series has an IMDb score of 7.9, according to our research. This is a respectable rating, especially on sites like IMDb, where a slew of reviewers has given their thoughts on the film. More than half of IMDb’s users have given the film seven or more stars. Quite amazing, in a word. Even in the reviews, this anime is praised for its comedic characters and action scenes. IMDb users seem to really enjoy this show.


Season 2 of Noragami has a fantastic rating of 8.20, compared to Season 1’s 7.99. One thing is clear from this. Definitely, the anime has gotten better. The fact that the show’s ratings increased significantly from Season 1 to Season 2 only goes to show how much the show’s quality has improved. Seeing this is a good sign. Acclaim increases with better ratings. On top of that, the MyAnimeList rating for Noragami is quite high.

Hence, hardcore weebs were also fans of this series, particularly the second installment. According to MAL, Noragami Season 1 is the 20th most popular anime of all time. As a result, almost all of the feedback has been positive. But if the reviews are good and the online reaction is positive, what about sales?

Manga and DVD/Blu-ray Sales for Noragami

The final boss, SALES, has arrived. There can be no doubt about it: sales are the most important factor in determining the success of any anime. It’s very likely that a sequel will be made if this anime is a success. As a result, let’s take a look at Noragami’s final boss fight!

Manga Sales

It’s hard to believe that a manga has sold more than 300,000 copies. Consequently, Noragami’s Manga sales were excellent during this time period. However, there is some bad news to report. Volume 22 of the series, the most recent, sold only 50,000 copies. Aside from that, Vol. 23 ranked nowhere in the first week. It is estimated that only 45,000 copies of the album were sold. The reality is that we must accept it, even though it’s painful for us to do so. Sales of the Noragami Manga have been steadily decreasing over the course of the year. This suggests that the show’s following is dwindling in Japan, which could be a major factor in the cancellation of a third season.

Sales of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

What about Bluray/DVD sales, if manga sales are down? Let’s take a closer look. As a result, Noragami’s first season sold an average of around 5000 copies. However, Season 2 saw an average of 2000 viewers per episode. Definitely an enormous drop. As a result, this is a bad sign for creators, who are discouraged by a drop in sales. Although we must keep in mind that we are in the digital age, As a result, sales of Blu-ray and DVD discs are no longer a determining factor. People may have watched Season 2 on a streaming platform instead of purchasing the Blu-ray, despite lower sales. Because of this, we should not be saddened by the decline in numbers. Because of the OTT era, they may be so. However, these figures must be taken into account in any case, as we have no information on streaming services. Merchandise is the final metric we’ll examine to see how profitable anime is.

Merchandise Sales

Only four Noragami figurines are currently available. Bishamon is one of the four. Yato is Hiyori. Kofuku is another. It’s surprising, given how widely known Noragami is. However, there are only four figurines in the collection. There should have been at least 20-30 of these in the room at any given time. Another interesting fact is that Noragami products number in the hundreds. There are a lot of them, but the majority are for Season 1 and not as many for Season 2. Noragami’s graph, even when looking at merchandise, is clearly downward, especially for its sequel. All in all, it’s easy to see that Season 1 of the series has been a financial success. However, Season 1 to Season 2 sees significant decreases. The lack of a third season may be attributable to these declines. However, if the show does get a third season, which characters will be back? What do you think?

Popular Noragami Characters

It is expected that many of the characters from previous seasons will be back in the new season. It’s hard not to like the Noragami characters. As a result, let’s take a look at a few of the show’s most memorable and beloved characters.


Yato is the show’s much-loved lead character. He’s not just a good-natured comedian; he’s also a well-rounded individual. As a fan of the show, I’ve always found his backstory fascinating. It was also a fascinating and transformative discovery. In Ebisu’s arc, he seems to have grown as a character and become more distinct. This further enhances his appeal. Yato is still without a shrine of his own. That’s because he spends most of his money on ‘Lucky Stuff’. As a result, we’d like to see him continue his journey as he tries his best to acquire a shrine.


Throughout the series, Yukine has always been a fascinating character to watch. He grew up to be a spoiled brat who only does shady things. With each passing episode, we saw some of the most interesting character arcs in recent memory. For the most part, Yukine’s Character Development was the primary focus of Season 1. And it’s on this foundation that his actions in Season 2 will be built. As a character, he’s a real stunner. Bringing him back for Season 3 would be a great way to end the season.


Hiyori is one of the most intelligent members of the group. When it comes to the show, her adorable and humble personality always lends a sense of warmth and comfort. She makes the story even more endearing with her adoring adoration for Yato. At first glance, she may appear to be an underdeveloped character, but the conclusion of Season 2 proves otherwise. It’s fascinating to watch her reflect on her thoughts and feelings as she goes through her day. As a result, her reappearance later in the season would be a blast.


It’s Bishamon who rules the roost. She deals with things in a unique way. Her fearless nature and commanding leadership make her the best in the business. Despite the fact that she and Yato’s relationship isn’t yet resolved, they’re generally friendly gods. She has it all: Courage, Beauty, and a Story to Tell. That alone makes her a fantastic addition to the cast for the upcoming season.


Kazuma, despite being a minor character, has made a name for himself in the industry. Season 1 did an excellent job exploring his role as a Bishamon Regalia. However, his past has had a significant impact on the overall storyline of Noragamistory. .’s He’s a capable leader and a devoted servant who puts his master’s interests above his own. When Bishamon falls in love with Hiyori, the series becomes much more likable and compelling because of their mutual feelings of ‘Love’. Fans have been clamoring for him to return in Season 3, and it would be a fantastic addition to the show.

Other Decisive Factors Of Noragami

Noragami Season 3 is still possible, but we need to take a look at other factors that could lead to Season 3. Season 2 ended, so we’ll begin with that.

Noragami Ending Explained

It’s time to wrack our brains for the Noragami Season 2 finale. Previously, we saw Ebisu reborn at the end of Noragami season 2. Yato attempted to save Ebisu from the Higher Up Gods, but he was unsuccessful. Finally, Ebisu was revived and re-acquainted with his past selves. The kind of god Yato should become was taught to him by him. There was a definite sense of closure in the series’ final episode. However, there was a glimmer of hope for a third season at the end of the series. Yato’s father made an appearance. Yato’s dark past is finally put to rest in the final episode of the series. A connection between Nora and Yato may be hinted at here, and the storyline for season 3 is likely to revolve around this. As a result, it’s safe to say that the second season of Noragami left plenty of room for the third. Season 2’s conclusion would not be a roadblock to a third season.

Controversy Around Noragami

There is a debate surrounding Noragami. I have a question about one of the show’s original score compositions. Many Muslim anime fans were said to have been offended by the series’ OSTs. This was due to the OST’s resemblance to Islam’s holy book and its creator, Allah. It’s worth noting, even if it won’t stop Noragami from getting another season.


The fans are in favor, but the numbers don’t back them up. If there is ever going to be the third season of Noragami, it will need a lot of sales. It is unlikely that there will be a third season of the show because the manga, Blu-ray, and merchandise sales have all decreased since Season 1. However, we shouldn’t give up hope just yet. This isn’t the first time anime has been given another season despite low sales. Because of this, I urge any and all Noragami fans to not give up hope. Because of your support, Noragami will have a third season if not today, then the day after. Yato kami will be back soon, so don’t worry about it.

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