Odd Taxi: Possible Release Date Status, Plotline And More!

The Japanese anime and manga series Odd Taxi, stylized as ODDTAXI (Japanese:, Hepburn: Oddo Takush), is titled Odd Taxi. This animated series ran on TV Tokyo and AT-X in Japan from April 6 to June 29, 2021, produced by OLM and PICS. April 2022 marks the premiere of an anime film called Odd Taxi: In the Woods in Japanese theatres.

Odd Taxi Story

A walrus cab driver, Odokawa, is 41 years old when the narrative of Odd Taxi begins. His parents abandoned him while he was in elementary school, and he has been socially awkward ever since. However, he frequently engages in conversation with the other passengers in his cab as they travel about Tokyo, the setting for the show. Conversations between Odokawa and these individuals lead to a sequence of riddles and violent deeds, including the disappearance of a high school student. Police have been following clues that point to him since the disappearance of a young girl, and the yakuza and police are now swarming around him.

Odd Taxi Characters

  • He is Hiroshi Odokawa
    Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae (Japanese) and Mike McFarland (American). (English)
    A walrus cab driver in his forties with a perpetually downcast demeanour. On and off the job, he’ll immerse himself in any number of radio shows.
  • Shirakawa Miho’s name is Miho Shirakawa
    Riho Iida (Japanese) and Lauren Landa (English) (English)
    Although she appears happy, the young alpaca nurse at Goriki’s clinic distributes some of the clinic’s medications on the illicit market in order to pay off her debts. Capoeira is a pastime for her.
  • “Ayumu Gouriki” is a Japanese name for Ayumu Gouri.
    Ryohei Kimura[3] (Japanese) and Daman Mills[4] (American) (English)
    Odokawa’s primary physician is a middle-aged gorilla doctor who owns his own clinic.
  • He is known by the alias Eiji (, Kakihana Eiji).
    Lucien Dodge[4] and Kappei Yamaguchi[3] (Japanese) (English)
    A middle-aged white gibbon who works as a janitor and uses a dating app to meet women is Odokawa’s drinking friend.
  • Sushiko Mimori provides the voice of Rui Nikaido (, Nikaid Rui).
    Puppies and the lead vocalist of “Mystery Kiss,” a new idol group that hopes to make it great in the music industry.
  • Moeka Koizumi is the voice of Shiho Ichimura (, Ichimura Shiho).
    In order to defraud rich men of their money, a calico cat and a member of Mystery Kiss’ support band are compelled to play a series of “badger games.”
  • Akari Kit is the voice of Yuki Mitsuya (, Mitsuya Yuki).
    One of Mystery Kiss’ backing vocalists, she was a black cat who was athletic and gifted, and she was set to replace Rui as the group’s centre when she mysteriously passed away.
  • Voiced by: Manatsu Murakami[3] as the role of Sakura.
    A black cat sent in to fill up for Yuki, who went missing in Mystery Kiss and was originally from a more rural part of Japan. She has been told to put on a mask and pretend to be Yuki at all times when making public appearances on behalf of the company.
  • Daimon Kenshirou / Daimon Koushirou ( /, Daimon Kenshirou / Daimon Koushirou) are a brother and sister duo.
    It was sung by Khei (the older) and Asei (the younger)[3].
    Two similar meerkats who work as cops together all the time. Kenshiro, the oldest of the two brothers, is a sleazy officer who takes bribes in return for looking the other way. When it comes to justice and trusting his brother, Koshiro, the younger sibling, has an unwavering belief in his bigger sibling.
  • In other words, Kensuke Shibagaki
    In the voice of: Ysuke
    In the manzai comedy pair Homosapiens, a wild boar acts as the boke (funny man). Working part-time at a cabaret club to make ends meet, he’s aiming to make it big as a standup comic.
  • In Japanese, the name of Atsuya Baba ( , baba Atsuya)
    Atsuhiro Tsuda provides the voiceover for this character.
    Homosapiens’ tsukkomi (straight guy) is a horse who performs in the manzai comic pair. However, Shibagaki is still Baba’s favourite member of the partnership despite Baba’s rise in prominence.
  • Taichi Kabasawa (, Kabasawa Taichi) is a Japanese martial arts practitioner.
    Voiced by: Zeno Robinson[4] and Takashi[3] (Japanese), respectively (English)
    One of those social media-dependent dwarf hippopotamus college students, always on the lookout for the next big thing to go “viral” online.
  • The eponymous Taeko Harada
    Animated by Tomoko Murakami (Japanese) and Caitlin Glass (English). (English)
    One of the owners of Yamabiko, the popular izakaya Odokawa and his friends frequent, is a female kangaroo owner.
  • He is known as Daichi Fukumoto ( ;, Fukumoto Daichi)
    K. Takai[3] provides the voice work for this character.
    Bonnou Illumination with Kondo’s comic huge panda member.Voiced by: Phoenix[3] Shigeyuki Kondo (, Kondou Shigeyuki),A member of the comedic duo Bonnou Illumination alongside Fukumoto and a cheetah comedian.
  • Kenji Hamada is the voice of Dobu (, Dobu).It’s possible that Odokawa is implicated in the disappearance of the girl, according to the gelada-baby gangster and Kuroda’s bagman, Kuroda. Yano’s rival, he is. Kyouhei Mizoguchi (, Mizoguchi Kyouhei) is his given name in his native Japan.
  • He is called Dobu () because the initial character of his name,, translates to “ditch.”
    Shun Imai
    Kdai Sakai (Japanese) and Sean Chiplock[4] (English) provide the voiceovers. (English)
    An early supporter of Mystery Kiss, a skunk. He’s been avidly following the band and makes it a point to see them live as often as possible, as well as purchasing their merchandise. Lottery tickets and part-time labour at the cabaret club keep him afloat.
  • Hajime Tanaka (, Tanaka Hajime) is a Japanese actor.
    Soma Saito is the voice actor.
    One of the developers of a video game. The dodo, an in-game rarity, became his life’s mission to make up for a mistake he made as a youngster. After Odokawa’s cab swerves in front of him and destroys his phone and loses the dodo, he rages and vows revenge.
  • voiced by Makoto Furukawa in the role of Fuyuki Yamamoto
    The manager of Mystery Kiss, a red fox, who has a vested interest in the search for the girl who went missing.Chado Horii provides the voice of Togo Sekiguchi (, Sekiguchi Togo).Yano’s bodyguard, a polar bear yakuza member in tracksuits.
  • He is known as Kuroda Shigeru .
    Takaya Kuroda provides the voiceover for this character.
    Dobu’s and Yano’s yakuza leader is a tapir named Yano.
  • In the role of Kanon (, Kanon), Amane Shiomiya is heard.
    Aspiring idol and tabby cat freelancer
  • It’s ok to call me Reina.
    Actress/speaker: Chika Kagura
    Dedicated to Kabasawa, this rabbit is a freelancer
  • He is known as Haruhito Yano ().
    in the person of: METEOOR
    Dobu’s competitor in the same yakuza syndicate, this porcupine. This guy has an uncanny ability to speak in rhymes instead of sentences.
  • Satoshi Nagashima
    Actor: Mahiro Takasugi (voice)
    High school giraffe that writes Homosapiens letters almost every week since he is a huge admirer. As a hobby, Satoshi also hosts a podcast.

Odd Taxi Media

Odd Taxi: Anime

On TV Tokyo and AT-X, the anime series ran from April 6 to June 29, 2021, in Japan. Designed by Kazuya Konomoto and Hiromi Nakayama for the characters, it is directed and storyboarded by Baku Kinoshita, and written by Konomoto. OMSB, PUNPEE, and VaVa collaborated on the series’ score. On March 20, 2021, the first four episodes of the series were shown in an advanced screening with the actors, while a condensed version of those episodes was also broadcast online.

The series’ opening theme, “Odd Taxi,” was sung by singer-songwriter Skirt and rapper/DJ PUNPEE, while the series’ closing theme, “Sugarless Kiss,” was performed by Suzuko Mimori.  In North America, Crunchyroll offered free access to the show’s episodes. The series has been licenced for Southeast Asian markets by Mighty Media.

It was initially planned that no Blu-Ray box set would be issued, however the demand from the public prompted a pre-order campaign when it was revealed that a Blu-Ray box set would be released if at least 300 pre-orders were placed. For a total of 27,500 Yen ($246 USD), Pony Canyon said that at least 500 pre-orders had been placed.

It was revealed by Crunchyroll on October 28, 2021, that the English dub of the series will be released on January 16, 2022.However, a new date of some time in February 2022 has been set.

Odd Taxi

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Odd Taxi: Theatrical Recordings

On April 6, 2021, the first episode of an audio drama was broadcast on the anime’s official Youtube account. A bugged pen is seen throughout the episodes to relay talks between characters.

Odd Taxi Manga

Shogakukan’s Superior Dalpana digital manga site began publication of a Kazuya Konomoto-illustrated manga adaptation of the novel on January 15, 2021.

Odd Taxi Film Detail

Odd Taxi: In the Woods, an anime film adaption, was announced on December 25, 2021. A number of the show’s original actors and crew members will return to reprise their parts. On April 1, 2022, it will be published in Japan.

When the episode ended, the audience heard a new theme song, “Did you hear the laughing beyond the wall?” from the sixth episode of the anime. by Tony Frank, a Japanese vocalist.

Yano’s voice actor, METEOR, has a new album out on the SUMMIT label called 2019, which includes songs written from his point of view.

Last Words-

 An image of Odokawa and Kabasawa, the show’s lead characters, was widely shared on Twitter in April after the episode aired in Japan on October 10, 2020.

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