Once Upon A Small Town Will Be Available On Netflix In September 2022

Once Upon a Small Town, a new Korean drama series starring Joy from Red Velvet will premiere on Netflix in September 2022. We have all you need to know about Once Upon a Small Town, including the plot, the cast trailer, and the Netflix release date. Kwon Seok Jang is the director of the upcoming South Korean Netflix Original drama series Once Upon a Small Town. He is recognized for his past work on Avengers Social Club, Miss Korea, and I Will Teach You, Love.

What Is The Plot Of Once Upon A Small Town?

After receiving an urgent call from his grandfather, Han Ji Yool, a veterinarian from Seoul, decides to travel to Heedong Village, where his grandfather maintains an animal clinic. When Han Ji Yool arrives, he discovers that his grandfather is traveling through Europe and that he must now look after the clinic for the next six months while he is away. Han Ji Yool first meets Ahn Ja Young, a stunning police trainee who helps him with day-to-day village operations, in Heedong Village.

Who Is The Once Upon A Small Town Cast?

Joy, who will play Ahn Ja Young in Once Upon a Time in America, will make her Netflix Original debut. Joy has dabbled with acting aside from being a member of one of the most popular K-Pop groups, Red Velvet, and has been in five k-dramas since 2016, including The Liar and His Lover, Tempted, and The One and Only. Choo Young Woo is a novice to the acting world, having made his K-Drama debut in 2021, yet he is swiftly acquiring recognition and his own devoted fan following. Once Upon a Small Town will be Choo Young Woo’s Netflix debut. The Main Cast Of The Drama:

Once Upon a Small Town will be available on Netflix in September 2022
Once Upon a Small Town will be available on Netflix in September 2022
  • Red Velvet’s Joy as Ahn JaYoung

Third-year cop in Heedong-RI, Ahn JaYoung is full of energy and excitement. In any case, she does not lead a typical existence. She has a lot of civilian complaints to deal with. She has no time for dating due to her hectic schedule, but this is fine with her because she enjoys life in her close-knit community.

  • Choo YoungWoo as Han JiYul 

You may not have seen Han JiYul around Heedong-RI before. Due to an unexpected phone call from his grandfather, who owns a veterinary clinic, he found himself in the little town. He has a deep, abiding love for animals. He had planned to recuperate in Heedong-RI before returning to Seoul, but things did not proceed as he had hoped.

They run across Ahn JaYoung, who is always in his way. He exudes an endearing charisma, is a huge animal lover and is selectively sociable. When he started paying attention to JaYoung, who is always pushing the limits, things began to shift.

  • Baek SungChul as Lee SangHyun

Lee SangHyun, a young peach farmer in Heedong-RI who exudes friendliness and competence, is a leading contender for the position of the village chief. He is the pride of Heedong-RI and is becoming known online as the “Young and Handsome” peach grower. As an added bonus, he is close with Ahn JaYoung, a girl he secretly adores and regards as a friend.

Nonetheless, the Seoul native JiYul is starting to get on his nerves as he becomes closer to JaYoung. Baek Sung Chul’s most recent role is that of Santa, Kyung Yi’s helper, in the Netflix Original series Inspector Koo. Like his co-star, Choo Young Woo, Baek Sung Chul has been acting since the year 2021.

Once Upon a Small Town Other Cast is given below:

  • Ha Yul Ri as Choi Min
  • Jung Suk Yong
  • Baek Ji Won
  • Park Jee A as Cha Yeon Hong
  • Jung Shi Yool
  • Yoo Yeon
  • Na Chul
  • Park Ye Ni
  • Noh Jae Won as Yoon Geun Mo

When will Netflix Release Once Upon a Small Town?

The first episode of Once Upon a Small Town will release on Monday, September 5th, 2022, according to the official Netflix trailer. Once Upon a Small Town will have 12 episodes in total, with three new episodes broadcast each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On September 28th, 2022, the series finale will take place. Each episode will last around 30 minutes.

Episode Release Schedule

Episode Netflix Release Date
1 05/09/2022
2 06/07/2022
3 07/09/2022
4 12/09/2022
5 13/09/2022
6 14/09/2022
7 19/09/2022
8 20/09/2022
9 21/09/2022
10 26/09/2022
11 27/09/2022
12 28/09/2022

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