One Piece 1072 Release Date: Unleashing the Excitement With Features and Expectations!

One Piece 1072 Release Date: Beginning with this year’s debut of Chapter 1072, major plot arcs in the One Piece saga will begin and end, respectively. The Straw Hats could create an alliance, an enemy could become a friend, and they could be led inexorably toward events they cannot control.

However, this is just conjecture, and you seek facts. To help you prepare for the arrival of One Piece chapter 1072, we’ve put together this handy release date and Story recap.

One Piece 1072 Release Date
One Piece 1072 Release Date

One Piece 1072 Release Date

Fans are eager for the famous manga series to resume regular publication after a month with fewer issues coming out due to the holiday season. Fans will have to wait just a bit longer, as there will be one more break before the show resumes its regularly scheduled serialization. One Piece Chapter 1072 is set to be released on 16 January to 23 January.

Fortunately, readers of One Piece won’t regret the wait for chapter 1072 or the issues that follow. As the Egghead Island story arc nears its conclusion, readers are eager to learn what new information and plot twist the remaining issues will reveal. Fans, however, do know when the next issue will be available for purchase, so at least that much is known.

One Piece 1072 Story Recap

In the first moments of The Hero Deploys, Bartholomew Kuma rushes for the Red Port at the Red Line’s starting point. There, people start to wonder how Kuma got to the dock and what his deal is. After all, Kuma is notorious for being a former sea warlord and the slave of the divine dragon who just recently fled from the Land of the Gods.

Fearing he would do something extravagant and hazardous, locals fled when he started to move. Therefore, the Marines are tasked with dispatching troops to the Bondola loading area in the island’s northeast to subjugate Kuma.

Since Kuma no longer has a human will and his current programming direction is unknown, he is definitely not the same person he used to be, and he is now more dangerous than ever. The plan of CP0 on Egghead Island is to grab any hiding spots the Straw Hat Pirates and Dr. Vegapunk might utilize to make a break for it.

With the seraphim under CP0’s control, the only thing left to do is remove Dr. Vegapunk from the Frontier Dome. Despite Stussy’s statements that Rob Lucci isn’t listening to the Marines’ commands, Lucci gives the order to destroy any ships they can discover so that he couldn’t escape.

Lucci disagrees with the rest of the Marines, who consider Luffy an emperor and does not see Luffy in the same light. Dr. Vegapunk Shaka updates the island on the CP0’s whereabouts via the monitors. The CP0 is attempting to incapacitate them, so they will have to fight them head-on to escape in the Vegaforce-1, which can only fly within the island’s borders.

Despite Lilith’s protests, Shaka maintains that the satellites’ primary mission is not to repel the enemy but rather to secure the doctor’s safe departure. The doctor then calls the island’s other ally and urges them to leave immediately, despite the risk of government reprisal.

As long as CP0 is not involved, Dr. Vegapunk’s escape will be straightforward. Dr. Vegapunk, however, needs the help of the Straw Hat Pirates if he ever hopes to achieve the unachievable. The good doctor then enlists the aid of Usopp, Nami, Sanji, and Franky in his quest to leave the island with the other seven satellites.

On the other hand, Luffy is trying to calm down Jewelry Bonney, who is understandably upset about the insects that Dr. Vegapunk has sent for her. A sudden island-wide alarm announces the unexpected deactivation of Labophase’s defensive infrastructure. While the other satellites are baffled, CP0 rushes in to attack Dr. Vegapunk.

Even the CP0 has seen the Thousand Sunny and the robot in the sky over the Frontier Dome. So Lucci orders Kaku to blow up the ship for good. After waking up from his nap, Zoro retaliated against Kaku’s attempt to destroy the ship using the Storm Leg Sky Slicer technique. The fight broke out, and Lilith attempted to join in.

As Pythagoras explains it, the Frontier Dome is again up and running, but CP0 has already invaded the area, suggesting they will soon arrive to demolish Thousand Sunny. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates get together in the lab for the first time while Zoro is on defense.

Luffy is told by everyone that they must leave the island immediately, despite his wishes to stay for a while. Amid their chat, Robin realizes that Dr. Vegapunk has disappeared.

Jewelry Bonney is following Dr. Vegapunk around because she wants him to help her father regain his composure. Elbaf Island, in the New World, is where the Kid Pirates finally made it. Doll requests Vice Admiral Garp at G-14 Marine Headquarters not to undermine her manpower in light of their impending confrontation with Blackbeard.

What Expectations From One Piece 1072 Anime?

We regret that chapter 1072 of One Piece is not likely to resolve all of these questions right away. And even if some solutions are provided, it’s quite improbable that more than one pressing issue will be resolved or an ongoing trend will be advanced. Still, even if such were the case, it would be quite doubtful that this issue would provide instant solutions to any of the issues raised in the prior issue.

Instead, the chapter will probably begin with Luffy’s crew making their way off of Egghead Island. In a similar vein to how Luffy defeated Rob Lucci, this will show Zoro triumphing over Kaku. The Straw Hats and the seven Vegapunks may then leave the island aboard the Thousand Sunny.

If the Straw Hats succeed in their escape attempt in One Piece chapter 1072, the final resolution to the issue will involve finding out where the group is going. Dr. Vegapunk, whose safe travel to wherever he’s going is likely to be the starting point of Luffy and the company’s next adventure, will likely make this decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did One Piece 1049 come out?

This coming Sunday, May 15th, is the official release date for One Piece Chapter 1049 on the MangaPlus website and the Shonen Jump+ manga app. The former is an offer whereby readers can preview the first and last three chapters of a series for no charge.

When did One Piece 1014 come out?

Labeled "Marco's Tears!" The Whitebeard Pirates' Unbreakable Oath! On April 16th, One Piece Episode 1014 will premiere in the States. While its premiere in Japan is set for April 17.

Why is there no episode 1014 in One Piece?

Toei Animation stated on March 6th, 2022, that a third party's unauthorized access to the studio's internal network is the cause of the delay. The creation of future episodes of the anime, including the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, was compromised by the attack.

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