Original Movie Star Dominic Cooper Shares Dissapointing Mamma Mia 3 Update

The film, which was released back in 2008, featured a multitude of ABBA songs to tell the story of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who contacts three of her mother’s past lovers hoping to find out which one is her biological father.

Mamma Mia 2 focuses partly on Sophie and Sky’s turbulent relationship, which, of course, is resolved within the film’s final moments, but for many, the film maintains the same feel-good atmosphere that made the previous film so popular. There have therefore been many calls for Mamma Mia 3 ever since its would-be predecessor hit the big screen.

In the update shared, Cooper has explained more about the much-anticipated threequel. Cooper was asked by Collider for his thoughts on Mamma Mia 3 while discussing his latest project That Dirty Black Bag, to which he replied he’s not certain.

According to Cooper, he texted the film’s producer soon after hearing ABBA’s most recent album and then replied, “who knows?” Cooper then noted the 10-year gap between Mamma Mia! and Mamma Mia 2. He added jokingly that he doesn’t know “what [he is] gonna look like” in 10 years or even if he’ll still be “around.” See Cooper’s full quote below.

“I don’t know. I did send out a text to the producer, immediately when that album got so well reviews and I’d heard a couple of the songs I’d heard. I was like, “That’s phenomenal! They’re doing some new music again! Excellent!”

But who knows? I don’t know. The last one took 10 years to come around. In 10 years, I don’t know what I’m gonna look like, so I don’t know whether anyone would [want] that in 10 years I’m still around.”

Aside from his role in Mamma Mia, Cooper is well-known for playing a young Howard Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier, before recurring as the character in Agent Carter.

Mamma Mia 3’s fate remains largely unknown at this point, and Cooper may also need to be persuaded to return to his role. There has been speculation that Mamma Mia 3 could center more on Sky and Sophie’s relationship after the events of Mamma Mia 2.

Cooper could play a much larger role than he did in the previous two films if this is the case. For now, audiences will have their fingers crossed in optimism regarding Mamma Mia 3 in the future, or maybe soon.