Are There Any Doubts Regarding To The Ousama Ranking Episode 12 This Week?

To go further into Daida’s background, “Older and Younger Brothers” aired in episode 11. After he saw the mirror, he began to loathe individuals like Bojji, who he considered to be weak.Even though she was aware of Miranjo’s past, Daida went out of her way to keep her safe when she came upon her in the emptiness.

Miranjo obtained convicts from Desha’s jail to use in her plots. King Desha sent his troops towards the Bosse Kingdom after discovering the offenders had fled.
Thanking Despa, Bojji and Kage got inside the Captain of the Underworld’s boat. When Miranjo’s crooks arrived, Bosse was forced to face them.

Recap Of Ousama Ranking Episode 11

Daida recalls her childhood in the Bosse Kingdom as the episode opens. Queen Hilling instructed him to protect Bojji. When he saw himself in the mirror for the first time, he was shocked.He began to see Bojji and others who looked like him as weaklings in the eyes of the world.

Seeing Daida’s contempt for those who are weak, Bebin reminded him that those with disabilities have the fortitude to survive because of the king’s strength.

Daida now sees how foolish it was of him to believe that way all those years ago. A weird girl is found in the emptiness, and she tells him how she got there. It breaks my heart to see the girl weeping over how she’s been mistreated. It is also Daida’s view that the girl is to blame for giving their tribe agony and sorrow

Ousama Ranking Episode 12.

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Ousama Ranking Episode 12 :Speculation And Discussion

It’s time for Ousama Ranking to move on to its next season, and this episode provided us a taste of what’s to come. It was interesting to learn more about how Daida nurtured and raised him. He had the appropriate people advising him, yet he ran into Miranjo, the mirror, as a result of their efforts.

Different enemies will confront the Bosse Kingdom in a massive conflict. How will Bojji handle all of the challenges that await him in the fights? Is this fight going to end in tragedy? The show has so many unexpected twists and turns, yet it still manages to be entertaining.

The events with Bojji, Hilling, and the others are eagerly anticipated by fans. It’s possible that we’ll learn more about Miranjo’s past in upcoming episodes. As the storey progresses, Bojji’s escapades will continue to keep viewers interested.

Ousama Ranking Episode 12

When will Ousama Ranking Episode12 Be Released?

Ousama Ranking’s episode 12 will premiere on Thursday, January 6, 2022. The episode’s name or a sneak peek have yet to be shown.

Last Words-

Unfortunately, this week’s Ousama Ranking episode 12 will be a no-show. After a week, it will resume streaming in the following release.

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