Outlast Trials Release Date: Can This Game Be Played In Solo Mode?

Outlast Trials Release Date: A first-person psychological horror survival video game, The Outlast Trials is now under development at Red Barrels and will be released by the company in the near future.

The third Outlast game is a precursor to the first two games and centers on the test subjects of a secret Cold War experiment. The game’s closed beta ran from October 28th, 2022, all the way through November 1st, 2022.

The Outlast Trials is not asymmetrical, you can play either co-op or solo.

Outlast Trials Release Date
Outlast Trials Release Date

There Is No Official Outlast Trials Release Date

Gamescom host Geoff Keighley noted that there is currently no information available about when the public will be able to play The Outlast Trials. However, given the lack of information for so long, it’s encouraging to hear that at least some players will be able to experience the game later this year.

Players may wishlist the title on Steam, and the teaser concluded with an announcement of a limited beta from October 28 to November 1 this year, providing a wonderful Halloween gaming experience for Outlast aficionados.

A complete release date is likely to be announced soon. Though some may have worried that adding cooperative play to a series like Outlast would dilute the tension.

The Outlast Trials appears committed to proving that the twisted survival horror series will be just as horrifying as ever with more of the gruesome activities for which the franchise is known. Everyone in the Murkoff Psychiatric Hospital is in danger, regardless of whether the player is playing alone or with others. You may also read Apex Season 15 Release Date

Outlast Trials Platforms

Even though the game’s website says that its platforms are “TBD,” we know there will be a PC closed beta, so at least that’s a sure thing.

After the beta is complete and the final vision of the game is evident, we expect Red Barrels to announce the title for PlayStation and Xbox. The first two Outlast titles were also released for PlayStation and Xbox.

Outlast Trials Release Date
Outlast Trials Release Date

Outlast Trials Trailer

The first trailer was a completely cinematic affair, and it ended by disclosing the game’s intended release date (which was eventually pushed back).

Our most recent look at The Outlast Trials revealed more engaging gameplay and lifted the veil on the co-op mode, but we also know that the player will have access to new tools and weapons with which to defend himself.

Outlast Trials Gameplay

At the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, a bloody new trailer for The Outlast Trials was shown, and the game’s closed beta was announced. A year and a half had passed since the last time Outlast fans heard anything about the survival horror game, and that was at Gamescom’s 2021 Opening Night Live event.

The newest installment in Red Barrel’s Outlast series, while similar to its forerunners, will have significant changes. Both Outlast and its sequel, Outlast 2, were first-person survival horror games that replicated the found-footage style of horror films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity by placing players in the role of journalists tasked with documenting horrific events for their stories.

The Outlast Trials is the first game in the series to feature cooperative play, allowing players to work together to escape the game’s twisted hospital. At the 2022 Gamescom Opening Night Live event, The Outlast Trials debuted a bloody gameplay clip that exposed gamers to Murkoff Psychiatric Hospital’s grotesque inmates, such as clowns, mannequins, and nuns.

Subliminal messaging and other forms of psychological testing are just two examples of the breadth of horrific bodily mutilation that may be found in these studies. In case you’re interested in delving deeper into the trailer’s potential subliminal clues, developer Red Barrels has now released it to its own YouTube page.

Outlast Trials Development

While a release date and platform(s) for Outlast 3 were announced in December 2017, none have been verified as of yet. Red Barrels stated during this announcement that they have a smaller, standalone project linked to Outlast that would come before Outlast 3 because they were unable to easily add new content to Outlast 2 owing to its structure.

In addition, Red Barrels called the game a “TV series.” About 40 individuals worked on the game’s development. Even though it was announced in October 2019, The Outlast Trials is not a direct successor to Outlast 2.

It’s set in the same universe as the others and follows test subjects used by the Murkoff Corporation in a mystery Cold War experiment. In his own words, Red Barrels’ co-founder David Chateauneuf declared that “the proof-of-concept is now complete and the game’s crew is currently in development mode.”

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