Ozark Season 4 Ending Explained! Who Is Chuck In Ozark?

Ruth follows through on her threat to kill Javi by shooting him in front of Clare Shaw (Katrina Lenk) and Marty and Wendy Byrde, kicking off the season with a bang (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney). To appear strong and in control from behind bars, Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) bears the responsibility. The Byrdes fall back on Navarro now that the FBI arrangement with Javi has ended, but the cartel chief can’t be in prison for their plans to work. They try to have him taken off a government list that prevents him from being extradited to Mexico. He’d be released and regain control after that, implying that the FBI deal is still on the table.

However, after the death of her son, Javi’s mother, Camila Elizondro (Verónica Falcón), seeks to have Navarro killed. Navarro lives, but the Byrdes get another chance thanks to Camila’s presence. When the difficulty of releasing Navarro proves too difficult, they eventually decide to have her take over. The FBI strikes a deal with Camila, and the plan for Navarro is for him to be transferred to another prison — and then killed on the route. The fact that Ruth and a resurgent Rachel (Jordana Spiro) have staged a hostile takeover of the Missouri Belle casino has complicated matters further. The casino is required to continue laundering money as part of the deal, which Ruth and Rachel agree to do because they will be committing the crime with the FBI’s authorization.

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Meanwhile, Wendy’s father, Nathan Davis (Richard Thomas), comes close to convincing Jonah and Charlotte Byrde (Skylar Gaertner and Sofia Hublitz) to join him in moving away. Wendy puts herself into the same mental health hospital where her brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey) spent time during a court hearing and declares that she will not leave until the kids return. By threatening to tell Camila what happened to Javi, Marty blackmails Ruth into helping get Charlotte and Jonah away from Nathan. Ruth is successful after exposing Nathan’s true nature. In the facility, the kids meet up with Wendy, who tells them the truth about Ben.

The Byrdes go in their automobile together once more – if this scene looks familiar, it’s because it was in Ozark season 4 part 1! However, this time the complete vehicle accident is shown. Wendy is briefly unconscious, but the Byrdes all make it out reasonably unhurt. At a fundraiser event for the Byrde Foundation, everything comes to a head. Navarro is shot and killed while being transferred, and Camila approaches Byrdes and Clare to learn more about her son’s death. Clare initially maintains her innocence, but a particularly horrific threat from Camila causes her to break down and acknowledge Ruth murdered Javi. Camila then threatens the Byrdes, threatening to kill them and their children if they attempt to warn Ruth.

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The Byrdes are at a loss about what to do. Camila confronts Ruth when she returns to the old Langmore trailer site. Ruth claims she’s not sorry while being held at gunpoint by Camila, who then shoots her. Everything appears to be fine when the Byrdes arrive home until they notice some broken glass. Mel Sattem (Adam Rothenberg), a private investigator, has been on the hunt for the truth about Ben’s death, and not even the Byrdes’ maneuvering to get him rehired as a Chicago cop has been able to deter him. He discovered Ben’s ashes in the goat-shaped cookie jar and broke into the house to retrieve them. Marty didn’t do a good job cremating Ben, so the bones can be traced back to him.

Mel warns the Byrdes that bribing their way out won’t work because the world doesn’t function that way. “Have you been doing this for a long time?” Wendy inquires, and Jonah takes Mel hostage. The Byrdes smile, Jonah shuts his eyes, and a gunshot sends us to black.

Who is Chuck in Ozark Season 4?

Charles-Ann, also known as Chuck, was a friend of Ruth’s late mother. In the last episode, she becomes a kind of family member. People who watch TV or go to musical theatre may recognize the actress who plays Charles-Ann.

Marty and Wendy, what happens to them?

Marty and Wendy Byrde survive the series despite everything. When Mel Sattem approaches them right at the conclusion of the final episode, it appears that they’re going to pay for Ben’s death, but a shotgun-wielding Jonah arrives on the scene and saves them. The Byrde family foundation is a big success, and Camila has struck a deal with the FBI, allowing the Byrdes to travel to Chicago without fear of being arrested. They’ll also have the political clout Wendy has always desired. This is a truly wonderful conclusion for Byrdes.

Is Mel Sattem a target for Jonah?

Jonah holds Mel at gunpoint at the end of Ozark, indicating that he intends to hold the Byrdes accountable for Ben’s death. Before we discover who Jonah shot, he closes his eyes, and the film fades to black. However, a gunshot has been heard, indicating that someone has been injured… but who?

We don’t observe Jonah adjust his aim or waver before pulling the gun, therefore we know he shot Mel. Right before the television goes black, Marty and Wendy turn to face the PI. Mel’s chances of surviving in that range are slim. Plus, now that the Byrdes know Ben wasn’t properly cremated, we can presume they’ll do everything they can to hide their tracks — and get away with it.

Is Ben’s true identity revealed?

Nope. Nathan returns home without ever learning what happened to Ben, who is still listed as a missing person. Mel is aware that Ben has left… But before he can reveal the Byrdes, Jonah kills him. The truth appears to have died with Mel, and the public will never know the truth about Ben’s death.

Is the cartel no longer a threat to the Byrdes?

In part one, Marty and Wendy agreed with Navarro that if they could get a deal with the FBI for him, they’d be free of the cartel. That worked until Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) detained him, at which point the Byrdes had to renegotiate a deal — this time between Javi and the Bureau. The Byrdes try again with Navarro after Javi is killed by Ruth. They’ll have to send him to a Mexican prison first this time. He may be set free and reclaim control of the cartel in that location. That proves tough, so they alter tactics once more and strike a deal with Navarro’s sister Camila and the FBI. She’s still alive at the end of the series, while Navarro is dead, allowing the Byrdes to leave.

Does Ruth kill Javi?

Ruth stated vehemently that she would kill Javi in retaliation for her cousin’s murder at the end of Ozark season 4 part 1. When part 2 begins, however, there is significant doubt as to whether she will actually complete the task. She appears to be considering her options, and Three (Carson Holmes) even tells her that Wyatt would not want her to go through with it. Marty tries to persuade her to stop as well. He believes she won’t be able to murder Javi because she has no idea who he is or where he is, but Charlotte and Jonah provide Ruth with all of the knowledge she requires.

Ruth threatens Marty, Wendy, and Clare with bringing them back to Clare’s office, then orders them to bring Javi in. Wendy summons him and persuades him to come over, later telling Marty that it was bound to happen. Ruth shoots Javi as soon as he comes. Marty and Wendy are in charge of cleaning up after her. But, eventually, it all comes full circle. Javi called Camila before going to Clare’s office, so once she learns that Navarro didn’t murder her son, the new cartel boss is skeptical.

When Camila interrogates Clare about what transpired, the pharmaceutical executive maintains that she was not meeting Javi, but Camila remains skeptical. Clare eventually caves in and tells Camila that Ruth murdered her son after a particularly harsh threat. Camila is understandably enraged…

What happens to Ruth?

Ruth gets away with the murder after shooting Javi dead because Navarro claims he was the one who did it to cement his cartel authority. This, however, does not endure long. Camila confronts Ruth at the (now-demolished) Langmore trailers after Clare gives in. Ruth says she’s sorry and challenges Camila to pull the trigger if she doesn’t shoot right away.

In retaliation for Javi’s death, Camila shoots Ruth and murders her. Ruth had her criminal record expunged, her trailers razed to make place for a massive house with a swimming pool, and she was in control of the Missouri Belle, which makes it all the more heartbreaking. In the end, all of her intentions were foiled.

What Happens in Part 1’s vehicle accident?

The Byrdes are depicted in Ozark season 4 part 1 in a car accident that appears to be fatal. The crash, as it turns out, isn’t all that horrible. Marty, Charlotte, and Jonah are unharmed, but Wendy appears to be seriously injured for a brief while. She, on the other hand, is unharmed, with just a few scrapes. When they go home, Navarro’s priest (Bruno Bichir) warns Wendy, hinting that the vehicle accident was a divine warning. Wendy, on the other hand, takes the crash as a sign that she’ll be able to safely quit the cartel.

What happens to Navarro? Does Camila kill him?

Navarro is placed in a prison vehicle after being informed that he will be transported. The other guard is then killed, the door is opened, and Navarro is given a gun and told to leave. The cartel chief appears to be rescued, and the Byrdes’ preparations appear to be crumbling once more, but it’s not that simple. The guard then cocks a gun, grabbing Navarro’s attention, and the boss realizes his gun is out of ammo, and he’s about to die. He’s been killed by a single bullet. So, what’s with all the gimmicks? That’s because the guard is staging the situation to make it appear as if Navarro attempted to flee. To add to the realism, he even binds one wrist.

Where does Nelson end up?

When Ruth goes to see the sheriff, Nelson follows her, but when she departs, he is no longer there. This makes her panic, so she dials Rachel’s number and informs her that the cartel is on its way. Rachel takes out a rifle and climbs to the trailer’s top. She shoots Nelson as soon as he comes.

Ruth buys Nelson beneath her construction site’s concrete (beneath the swimming pool, to be exact). When Marty learns what transpired, Navarro interprets Nelson’s abduction as proof that Camila is planning another assassination attempt. Nobody corrects him, thus it’s not Ruth or Rachel’s fault.

What happens to Clare Shaw?

Clare didn’t want to work with the cartel any longer, but Wendy outmaneuvered her and forced her to. She was present at Javi’s death and remained silent until Camila threatened her, at which point she revealed the truth about the former cartel boss’s murderer. We don’t see her again after that, so she isn’t killed off.

What happens to Maya Miller?

The last time FBI agent Maya Miller shows up in Ozark, she’s speaking with Mel Sattem about the possibility of him returning to Chicago to work as a cop. She then calls the Byrdes to warn them that even if they eliminate the PI, God will still be aware of their actions. They are deafeningly oblivious to The FBI blacklisted Maya after she decided to arrest Navarro and sabotage the deal, but she makes it through the season.

Where does Rachel end up?

Rachel is the series’ third lucky survivor. She ends the show as a co-owner of the Missouri Belle with Ruth, but given Ruth’s death, she’s presumably now in charge. As part of the agreement with the FBI and Camila, she will have to continue laundering money for the Navarro cartel. However, because she has the Bureau’s official approval, she will never be prosecuted for what she is doing.

Frank Jr., what happens to him?

Ruth and Frank Jr. (Joseph Sikora) had a much better working relationship after putting their differences aside in part 1 – and in part 2, Frank gives Ruth the gun she uses to kill Javi, and Ruth then asks the KC Mob boss for help moving heroin from Darlene Snell’s (Lisa Emery) farm. Frank Jr. is another lucky survivor because he assists her and then disappears.

Final Lines

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