Ozzy Osbourne’s Family Visits Him In The Hospital As News Comes Out About A “Major Operation”

In the middle of Ozzy’s “major operation,” Sharon Osbourne and her pregnant daughter Kelly were spotted visiting the hospital on Monday afternoon. Although the family has not publicly disclosed the medical treatment Ozzy underwent, Sharon had suggested that it would be painful surgery, and she was returning home to be by his side.

A significant surgery is scheduled for Monday, and I must be there,” she explained to her co-panelists last week on TalkTV. In the long run, “it’s going to actually determine his life.”Reportedly, he had pins in his neck and back removed as well as realigned, according to reports. Ozzy is 73 years old, and surgery becomes more challenging as you age, a source told Page Six. “It’s a big deal, in my opinion. A fall in 2019 caused him to misalign pins in his neck and back.”

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In the hospital on Monday, Sharon and Kelly both wore face masks as they entered, with Sharon pulling baggage behind her while also holding a large purse. Kelly, 37, is expecting her first child with SlipKnot guitarist Sid Wilson. According to the insider, Ozzy has been in a lot of discomfort recently. According to reports, the “Prince of Darkness” will need a “lengthy amount of convalescence” with round-the-clock home care from a nurse.

Ozzy’s back pain may be linked to the 2003 quad accident in which he overturned his quad while riding around his London home. A broken collarbone, eight cracked ribs compressing vital blood arteries, and damaged cervical vertebrae necessitated immediate surgery.Ozzy Osbourne’s family visits him at hospital as details of 'major operation' revealed

In May, he told Classic Rock magazine, “I’m simply waiting for some more surgery on my neck.” “In the last few days, I’ve been unable to walk properly. Every morning, I go to physical therapy. I’m getting better, but I’m still not ready to get back on the road yet.”

After reflecting on the past, Ozzy expressed optimism about the future when asked whether he ever considered his own death. “I’ve done fairly well,” he added, “at f—ing 73.” My time will come, even though I don’t intend to leave.

Sobriety was also a matter he discussed with the family. Ozzy, who had struggled with booze and drugs for decades, finally confronted his problems and decided to get clean eight years ago.

“I hope so,” he answered when asked if he was now clean and sober for good. “I take it one day at a time. I’ll drink if I want to. But I’m not in the mood for a beer today. Today is a no-tobacco day for me. Today is the last day I intend to use narcotics. So today should be alright, I guess. Tomorrow is a mystery to me.”Jack Osbourne, Ozzy and Sharon’s 36-year-old son, has 18 years of abstinence under his belt, and Kelly Osbourne, who is expecting to give birth to her first child this year, had a little slip up in her sober path last year.

Sharon and Ozzy have a 38-year-old daughter, Aimee, who narrowly escaped death in a Hollywood recording studio fire. Aimee and her producer were both unharmed when they were able to exit the building. In the early 2000s, MTV aired an unscripted series on The Osbournes, who were spotlighted as famous stars and the children of rock royalty. The show debuted in 2002 and ended in 2005 after four seasons of production.


The Osbourne family appeared on “Good Morning America” in 2019 to discuss Ozzy’s fall in the shower in which he dislodged metal screws from his spine, necessitating neck and back surgery.” It was pitch black when I fell,” he recalled. “My trip to the restroom ended in a tumble. “Well, you’ve done it now,” I thought to myself as I lay on the ground, calm and collected. Sharon dialed 911 and requested an ambulance. Everything went downhill from there.”

He was forced to postpone all of his 2019 “No More Tours 2” tour dates after undergoing surgery and a two-month rehabilitation period. They also discussed Ozzy’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative ailment that can cause tremors and balance concerns, as well as a lack of mobility. The disease has no known treatment.

‘It’s PRKN 2!’ Sharon exclaimed to GMA. “Parkinson’s isn’t a death sentence by any means, but specific nerves in your body are affected by the condition. There are good days, awful days, and everything in between.”In 2020, Ozzy told the Los Angeles Times: “Parkinson’s disease has not claimed my life. For the majority of my adult life, I’ve worked with it. So many times have I avoided death. You wouldn’t go, ‘Oh, my God!’ if you read, ‘Ozzy Osbourne didn’t wake up this morning.’ “Well, it finally got up with him,” you would say.”