Park Min Young’s Agency Confirms Her Breakup With Boyfriend and Dispels Rumors

Park Min Young’s Agency Confirms Her Breakup With Boyfriend. Park Min Young. according to her management company Hook Entertainment, she just split up with her boyfriend Mr Kang. Dating rumours spread online, and she eventually confessed that they were seeing each other.

After much confusion, Park Min Young’s agency has confirmed that the star of Her Private Life dated Mr Kang Jong Hyun. Nonetheless, they stressed that the two have since split ties and refuted claims that the actor had received financial support from him.

Park Min Young Confirms Her Breakup
Park Min Young Confirms Her Breakup

The agency had previously asked for some breathing room before commenting on the dating rumours surrounding Min Young and the ‘rich man. Hook Entertainment released a statement to the press while Park Min Young was busy filming her K-drama Love In Contract.

As the CEO of the agency was cited saying by Soompi: “Regarding actress Park Min Young’s relationship news, we apologise for the delayed statement as it took some time for the agency to check the facts.

To begin, Park Min Young is no longer dating the person who was the subject of the rumours. It’s also not true that Park Min Young, an actress, reaped huge financial gains from the person in question.

The lover of Park Min Young, identified as Kang, was described in Dispatch as a “reclusive, wreathy man.” His name has been associated with businesses including Vidente, Inbiogen, Bucket Studio, and Bithumb Live.

It’s interesting to note that the actor’s sister is the director of Inbioden, which has added fuel to the fire of rumours that Mr Kang is receiving special treatment in exchange for his endorsement. Her older sister Ms Park has also expressed her intent to resign from her position as an outside director of INBIOGEN,” Hook Entertainment said in their statement.

Park Min Young will do anything she can to ensure that the transmission of her current drama Love In Contract is not harmed as filming continues. The management company added that Park Min Young, aware of the weight of her public profile, will exercise greater restraint going forward.

Park Min Young hasn’t been publicly seen with anyone since 2011 when she was dating her City hunter co-star Lee Min Ho.

Beyond that, she was said to be dating Ji Chang Wook and Park Seo Joon, rumours she strongly refuted. Forecasting Love and Weather was the last film for Park Min Young, and it starred opposite Song Kang.

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