Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s Relationship Timeline

The fact that Kim Kardashian, a reality star, businesswoman, and billionaire, and Pete Davidson, a cast member of Saturday Night Live, have been spotted together many times in Staten Island, New York, and in the Bahamas, suggests that they are still an item. If your attitude to their connection continues to be “Respectfully, how/when did this happen?” then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. We have constructed a chronological order of occurrences. How long have you known Pete and Kim? If you guessed 2019, you’d be wrong. Since they already have! After Saturday Night Live, Kim wrote Pete a text in which she thanked him for his advice, and Today she read the exact message she sent:

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She also mentions Pete briefly on The Tonight Show, claiming that the two of them shared a common interest in skincare and acne treatment:

Surprise! More endearing snapshots of Kim and Pete in Tahiti.

Pete makes an unexpected (kind of, he was off-camera) visit as the credits roll on The Kardashians, joking with Kim about how often he’s seen her genitalia compared to her longtime producer. The conversation essentially went as follows:

The conversation started with Kim saying, “Pete, come here, you have to meet Proxy. For the past 14 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Paxy has been my audio engineer. In every way, she has perfect knowledge of me. There’s a good chance she’s seen my genitalia. When asked if there were more people in the room, Pete replied, “More than me?” Contrary to what you may think, Kim, “not more than you. And yet, I imagine she has already seen it.

Pete More than meKim shares many photos of her and Pete making out on their vacation. Simply swipe right for a quick passionate embrace.

In an episode of The Kardashians, Kim states of her first encounter with Pete, “I wasn’t even thinking, like, Oh my god, I’m going to be in a relationship with him. Heard about this BDE, really need to check it out, I was thinking. All I need is a little kick in the… To put it simply, I was DTF. “They’re quite secure with their relationship and talk about plans like moving in together,” a source tells Us Weekly of Pete and Kim. Um…HUGE NEWS!

Pete goes through the motions of bleaching his hair to match Kim’s, and the two spend their time appearing totally in love while filming themselves kissing for Instagram Stories.

Though Pete was unable to attend Kravis’ wedding due to taping his last episode of SNL, Kim still managed to include a sweet tribute to him in her manicure. Ahem:

Reports from Australia’s 7News (via the Daily Mail) suggest that Pete and Kim may temporarily move to Far North Queensland later this year so that Pete can film his new movie, Wizards! This seems quite improbable, but who knows? However, THIS is what a source has revealed to Entertainment Tonight:

Kim and Pete, to put it simply, are thriving. In her mind, her future with him is bright, healthy, and full of promise. He treats her like a queen and shows tremendous deference to her. Her charm and brilliance had left him absolutely besotted. He thinks she’s a great mother and would probably take things to the next level with her in a heartbeat if Kim were ready, but she isn’t.

Kim and Pete are first-time attendees at the Met Gala, and they don’t hold back on the PDA.

Kim and PeteTo put it bluntly, the vibes are superb:

Kim and PeteSurprise! It’s all sorts of adorable to see Pete and Kim walk the red carpet for the first time as a couple at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Kim and Pete Meanwhile, she uploads the photos to Instagram:

Numerous reporters have witnessed Pete and Kim kissing and hugging in the courthouse hallway, presumably as a show of support for one another during the Kardashians’ continuing legal struggle with Blac Chyna. It was reported by Rolling Stone’s Nancy Dillon that Kim Kardashian was in court in Los Angeles today and that Pete Davidson was there to support her. After the final arguments in the Blac Chyna defamation trial were finished, he embraced and kissed her in the corridor. They were escorted by the sheriff out the locked door.

At the 23rd Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in Washington, D.C., Kim and Pete make a rare public appearance.

Kim and Pete

During an interview with Not Skinny but Not Fat, Kim discusses her kiss with Pete from SNL. She stated, “When we kissed, all I could think was, Hmm.” Although the kiss occurred onstage, it still had “a little zing,” as the saying goes. I didn’t feel particularly out of it; rather, I just thought, “Hmm.” Kim said, “I haven’t kissed anyone else in 10 years, so maybe I’m just being stupid and it’s just nothing and it’s just a stage kiss.” But then, she realized, “Hmm, there is some BDE activity, how am I going to. I need to stop being so shy and put myself out there.

Kim posts some cute new pictures of her and Pete eating pizza together in a restaurant booth:

In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim set the record straight by saying that the tattoo of her name that everyone saw in Pete’s text to Kanye is actually a “branding” of her name. She said, “He wanted to do something very different.” “I think he said something like, ‘I want something that’s there that I can’t get rid of,'” Kim said. “Because he’s working on getting rid of the tattoos on his arms and neck.” She continued: So he said, “I don’t want to be able to get rid of it or cover it up. I want it to be there as a scar on me.” Pete also has a tattoo on his arm that says “My girl is a lawyer” and is about Kim. “That one is so cute!” exclaimed Kim.

Kim adds Pete for the first time to her Instagram grid. Now they have made it official.

In an interview with People, Pete calls Kim his girlfriend, so the relationship is real. Oh, and he says that behind him is a candle with Kim’s face on it. Us Weekly says, “Pete’s been spending more time in L.A. to be near to Kim, and he’s hoping to rent a place there” after the couple is seen in an escape room (lol). Clearly, things are heating up between them. Kim posts three photos of herself in a bikini, apparently from their Bahamas vacation, and everyone is convinced they can make out Pete’s shadow in the middle photo.

One commenter put it succinctly: “The shadow is Pete, we all agree right?” Kanye West has released a new song featuring The Game called “Eazy.”

“God saved me from that crash
Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass (who?)
And my new bitch bad
I know Illuminati mad”

In the cold open of Saturday Night Live, Pete plays a version of Joe Biden who says, “Everyone on Earth is better off in the real world except one man named Pete Davidson.” This is a reference to Pete’s actual life. Perhaps he finds your world more entertaining.

The Daily Mail has obtained extremely grainy photos of Kim and Pete boarding a private jet bound for the Bahamas. That is to say, they have progressed to the “Third-Person Plural” of their relationship: taking a trip together. After being photographed eating breakfast with Kim, TMZ then catches Pete driving Kim’s Rolls-Royce around Beverly Hills in search of a new diamond necklace:

Kim and Pete

Kim and Pete have been sighted in Staten Island once again, this time on a movie date with Scott Disick. Additionally, they visit Pete’s preferred eating establishment:

The next day, a reliable source close to Kim and Pete told Entertainment Tonight that the two were very serious about their relationship. According to the insider, “Kim and Pete are dating and having a terrific time together.” Pete is very passionate and always makes an effort to make Kim feel like she is his only girlfriend. Kim finds Pete hilarious, and he never fails to make her laugh. Recently, though, the two have also found a way to connect on a more meaningful level.

It’s going to be much better from here on out. Pete celebrates his birthday with Kim, and the two of them post photos of themselves in matching pajamas on Instagram. And by “show up,” I mean they do so in identical pajamas on Flavor Flav’s Instagram:

Pete, sensing that people everywhere are in need of resolution, appears on Late Night but offers none. On the contrary, he engages in trolling by constantly making jokes about his connection with Kim. Ahem:

“I want to address something,” Seth Meyers said. I feel the need to verify its authenticity. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about this in the news recently, so know that we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Pete: “I’ve been wanting to talk about this because there are a lot of people, like, talking and making eyes at me as I walk by. But the reality is… As it happens, I do soon have a show premiering on Tubi. Tube, or Tubi. Many of my friends and family can’t believe I appeared on a show like Tubi, but I did.

Kim uploads a disturbing story about her karaoke attempt on Instagram Stories and winds up on @NorisBlackBook as the Kardashians gather to celebrate Kris Jenner’s birthday.

Pete may or may not have been invited, but he may be heard shouting “Noooo, c’mon!” in the background of this video (despite the fact that he is not seen there).

After Us Weekly reported that Kim was seeing Pete, Kanye unfollowed her on Instagram, and a source told the publication that he was “not happy” with the relationship and was “trying to keep cheerful and move on with his life,” but was “hurting.”

Meanwhile, in an interview for Drink Champs, Kanye makes it quite apparent that he wants to reconcile with Kim: “SNL letting my wife say ‘I divorced him’ on TV because they just wanted to get that bar off, and I ain’t never even seen the paperwork. That we are still together is no laughing matter. All of my children support maintaining a stable family unit. “I want us to be together.

Pete and Kim have yet another date, this time in New York City with some pals they share in common. According to a source at E! News, Kim “thinks Pete’s hilarious. Pete is quite the ladies’ man, and she can see why. Kim enjoys spending time with him since they have so much fun together and she loves that they never stop laughing.

They have chemistry, but it’s “certainly casual,” and “Kim isn’t seeking to date anyone right now,” says the source. Currently, she is enjoying the time of her life and couldn’t be happier. Relational tension is nonexistent. Pete is an easygoing and laid-back individual, which is exactly what she’s looking for in a partner. Kim and New York City-dwelling friends have arranged to meet up again. To her, whatever is happening between them is fascinating.

Kim K. travels all the way to “Pete Davidson’s native New York City” for a romantic rooftop dinner with Pete Davidson in Staten Island at one of his favorite restaurants. At this time, a source has told Page Six that Kim is “intrigued” by Pete and “likes him.” People have exclusive photographs of Kim and Pete holding hands at Knott’s Scary Farm. Somebody tries to say they’re just buddies (yes, Jan), but it’s already too late. There is just too much for the internet to handle.

Kim hosts SNL, and she and Pete share a passionate kiss during a skit about Jasmine and Aladdin. My best guess is that she found the experience so moving that she wanted more of it.

To celebrate Kid Cudi’s birthday, Kim and Kanye West have dinner with Pete and Timmy Chalamet.

Pete reveals to Jimmy Fallon that he was left footing the bill and calls Kimye “the cutest pair ever.”

That brings us up to date, though you can bet we’ll be making changes here in the future.