Explained: PGA Tour 2K23 PS4 To PS5 Upgrade

PGA 2k23 PS4: The wait for PGA Tour 2K23 is over, as the game’s release date has come and gone. If you find yourself at a crossroads between generations, though, you may be interested in hearing about the PGA Tour 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade.

Also, when you get your hands on a PS5, you’ll be able to take your game with you. This post will explain how to obtain the PGA Tour 2K23 PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 update. We will also show you what to do on the PlayStation Store to make that update a reality.

How To Upgrade From PS4 To PS5 In PGA Tour 2K23

The PGA Tour 2K23 PS4 to PS5 update is only available with the purchase of the Cross-Gen Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Tiger Woods Edition of the game. While the base edition lacks this feature, these premium ones do. The upgrade from PS4 to PS5 is instant and may be enabled anytime by visiting the Game Page on the PlayStation Store and selecting the PS5 version.

If you purchased PGA Tour 2K23 on a disc, you must insert the disc into your PS5 system to play the game. While not ideal, this is the strategy 2K has used for most of its sports games since the PS5’s release.

You’ll have to shell over the supplementary sum. You can now explore the game’s many modes with a better idea of what to expect on both last-gen and current-gen systems thanks to the information you’ve gained about the PGA Tour 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade.

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