Racine County Man Admits To Voter Fraud To Prove A Point

To prove a loophole in absentee balloting, Harry Wait of Racine County solicited absentee ballots from other voters and received them at his own home. Watchdog organization head Harry Wait admits to seeking other people’s absentee ballots to be sent to his home in an attempt at proving election fraud loopholes in Wisconsin, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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According to Wait, he was informed that the WEC [Wisconsin Election Commission] Internet voting system may have a vulnerability. Therefore, on Tuesday night, we ordered ballots for Racine Mayor Cory Mason and Wisconsin State Assembly Leader Robin Vos to test them out. According to the waiter, a number of customers had expressed interest in seeing the results but he was the one to press the “request” button.

After he informed Robin Vos and Cory Mason that he had successfully logged into the WEC system and requested their ballots to be transmitted to him, he explained. If you ask for someone else’s ballot, you’ll be breaking the law. In light of this, the waiter decided to take the risk for “the better welfare of the community,” despite the dangers.

I’ll go to jail if that’s what it takes to eliminate electoral fraud and ensure that our elections are safe and secure,” he stated. To prove my innocence, we’ll provide the government with a video of this entire incident. Technically, I broke the law, but I didn’t mean any harm; we just wanted to demonstrate how simple it was.”

This procedure, according to Wait, was also carried out with the consent of approximately six other Wisconsin individuals. WEC and clerk, he claimed, never got in touch with those voters to let them know of a change of address or that their votes would be arriving soon.

On Thursday, he still hadn’t gotten the ballots, but he was informed it may take up to three days.

Afterward, Wait contacted Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling to see if he’d arrest him for the offense, according to Wait. ‘What did he say to you?’ WISN 12 News reporter Courtney Sisk inquired. A few minutes later, he was asked the same question over the phone. You’re not going to arrest me, I asked, does that mean? ‘Hell no,’ he replied. In other words, he has no plans to detain me and is grateful for what I accomplished.”

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In an interview with Racine’s 12 News, the mayor Cory Mason was asked about Schmaling’s reported remarks. Thursday, he answered, “I’ve never heard of that.” There were no immediate responses to WISN 12 requests for comment from the Schmaling office. However, WISN 12 had already been informed that Schmaling would not be available Thursday and would return on Friday.

“I think Mr. Wait has become the very thing he claims to dislike, which is clearly a felon who will steal somebody’s vote,” said Mayor Mason. “For a long time, there have been people so determined to find election fraud.” According to Mason, who met with the District Attorney on Thursday, an inquiry into the crime has been launched.

As Mason put it, “it’s profoundly concerning to watch the United States go down this path of proving something that doesn’t exist by undermining our democracy, making voting more difficult for citizens, and then brazenly stealing citizens’ ballots.”.

In an interview with 12 News, Wait revealed that he had permitted a Michigan voter to obtain his ballot. A municipal clerk had called Wait to let him know there was a problem with his request, according to Wait. Keep an eye out for accusations that they phoned him because they recognised him and knew he casts his ballot there.

“I heard that one of the top volunteers for my primary opponent’s campaign admitted to illegally posing as me and attempting to steal my ballot,” Vos said in a statement. This is illegal voting. His behaviour is heartbreaking. Republicans and Democrats alike must abide with the law if election integrity means anything.”

The Wisconsin Election Commission convened a special meeting Thursday night to investigate the charges against the WEC voter site and fraudulent ballots. A few commissioners urged for criminal proceedings to be brought against the company.

“Is that what we’re here for?” Are we recommending that the District Attorney’s Office file criminal charges against Harry Wait? As a commissioner, Mark Thomsen explained, “I don’t know why else we’re here on an emergency meeting. According to Don Millis, commissioner of the New Jersey Lottery, “I want to make sure whatever we do, we do it with rationality and not knee-jerk.”

They did not make any formal criminal referrals Thursday night, but they did say that local clerks will be informed to report fraudulent ballot requests. People who requested an absentee ballot be sent to an address other than their home address received a confirmation postcard from the commission.