Viewers Are Hooked After Watching Reborn Rich Ep 1 And 2

Reborn Rich Ep 1 And 2: The first episode of the Korean drama based on Jaebeoljip Mangnaeadeul is titled Reborn Rich (also known as The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate). Shin Hyun-been plays Seo Min-young and Jin-young, while Lee Sung-min plays Jin Yang-Chul. Song Joong-ki plays Jin Do-Joon/Yoon Hyun-woo in the Korean drama.

The show’s A-list ensemble generated significant buzz far in advance of its premiere. Fans of the Kdrama, however, can’t get enough of Joong-ki and Jinyoung. Many viewers of Episode 1 of Reborn Rich took to social media to discuss their thoughts on the show. Most people are excited to see two fantastic actors today.

Reborn Rich Ep 1 And 2
Reborn Rich Ep 1 And 2

Reborn Rich Episode 1

Expectations for Song Joong-2022 Ki’s endeavour, Reborn Rich, are extremely high. Based on San Gyung’s The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate, Song Joong-Yoon Ki’s Hyun-woo (in the show) is a dependable employee at Sunyang Group.

Unfortunately, Jin Do-Joon, the Sunyang Group’s youngest son, kills him. Yoon experiences reincarnation and finds himself in Jin’s body. This is the starting point for his plan of retaliation, in which he plans to stage a hostile takeover of the corporation.

Reborn Rich Ep 1 And 2 Rating

The popularity of the new JTBC drama “Reborn Rich” continues to grow. The fantasy drama “Reborn Rich,” starring Song Joong Ki as the devoted secretary of Yoon Hyun Woo to a wealthy chaebol family, is set in an alternate reality.

After being falsely accused of embezzlement by the family he had served so well, he dies and is reincarnated as the youngest son, Jin Do Joon, with plans to seize control of the business. The second episode of “Reborn Rich,” which aired on November 19, saw a significant increase in viewership compared to the first episode, which had the highest ratings of any JTBC drama this year and the second-highest ratings of any drama in JTBC history.

Nielsen Korea reports that in its second episode, “Reborn Rich” won its time slot across all channels with an average national rating of 8.8 per cent. The drama also won its time slot among those aged 20 to 49, a critical demographic, with an average rating of 4.2%.

While MBC’s “Fan letter, Please” premiered to a 1.3 cent national rating, SBS’s “The First Responders” dropped to 8.5% for its third episode. With an average nationwide rating of 10.8 per cent, tvN’s “The Queen’s Umbrella” maintained its position as the most-watched programme at that time, and it also won its time slot among adults 20 to 49, with a rating of 4.5 per cent.

With an average national rating of 18.9 per cent, KBS 2TV’s “Three Bold Siblings” remained the most-watched programme on Saturday.

Reborn Rich Plot

According to the show’s summary, the protagonist is a dead secretary who was investigating bribery and other forms of corruption among the wealthy. With his prior life’s memories intact, he was resurrected as the household’s youngest son.

The series centres on Yoon Hyun-woo, a dedicated secretary in the Jin family’s Sunyang Group Empire. Yoon Hyun-woo is wrongfully accused of theft, despite his loyalty to the Jin family. Jin-Do Joon, the eldest son of the Jin family, kills Yoon Hyun-woo not long after this.

Eventually, Yoon Hyun-woo is reborn as the youngest child in the clan. He plans on using his new “identity” to get back at the people who killed his family by seizing control of the prosperous Sunyang Business Empire.

Reborn Rich Cast

Starring alongside Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun-woo/Jin Do-Joon, Lee Sung Min as Jin Yang-Chul, and Shin Hyun Bin as Seo Min-young, the show’s primary cast also includes a number of supporting characters.

Reborn Rich Ep 1 And 2
Reborn Rich Ep 1 And 2

Yoon Je Moon portrays Jin Jeong-gi, Jin Yang-eldest cheol’s son, Kim Jung-nan plays Son Jung-dae, Jin Yang-eldest cheol’s daughter-in-law, Jo Han-Chul plays Jin Dong-ki, Jin Do-older joon’s brother and the second son of the Sunyang family, and Seo Jae-hee plays Yoo Ji-na, Jin Yang- cheol’s.

How Many Episodes Will Reborn Rich Have?

Most Korean dramas are the same length, so expect 16 episodes here. The plot of this fantasy thriller is expected to be riveting and exciting.

After completing production on two movies in 2017 and riding high on the success of Vincenzo, this drama marks Song Joong-Ki’s return to the small screen. So, naturally, his devoted audience is psyched to see him tackle a brand-new role.

Is There A Trailer For Reborn Rich?

In a word, yes! JTBC finally delivered the first trailer, and it promises to be another nail-biting thriller. That’s available for your perusal at:

Reborn Rich Fans Reaction

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