Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date: Will Reborn Rich Has 16 Episode?

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date: Reborn Rich, a well-liked ongoing South Korean television series, will soon air its final episode; learn when it will air and how to watch it online. We saw in the previous episode that Do Joon eventually bought the bulk of the Sunyang Group’s shares.

Despite owning most of the company, he could not run it independently. It was because Jin Young Ki, Yang Cheol’s oldest son, was still getting support from the business. We’ve covered you if you’re a fan of the Korean show Reborn Rich and are anticipating episode 16.

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date
Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date

The last episode of JTBC’s Reborn Rich will air on December 25, Christmas Eve, after the season concluded with a surprising twist.

December 23 saw a break in the drama. But when it finally arrived, it surprised the devotees. The massive cliffhanger left the viewers in disbelief, and they are now anxiously awaiting Sunday to see how it all ends.

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Cast 

Song Joong Ki plays Yoon Hyun-woo/Jin Do-Joon, Lee Sung Min plays Jin Yang-Chul, and Shin Hyun Bin plays Seo Min-young in the drama’s main cast. Yoon Je Moon plays Jin Jeong-gi, the eldest son of Jin Yang-Cheol, while Kim Jung-nan plays Son Jung-day, the eldest daughter-in-law of Jin Yang-Cheol. Kim Nam-hee plays Jin Seong-Joon, the older brother of Jin Do-Joon and the eldest son of the Sunyang family.

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Plot

The drama series is about a family power struggle to control the Sunyang Group’s vast commercial empire. But it has a significant fantasy element—being reincarnated to exact retribution. According to the official Viki summary, Yoon Hyun Woo is a dedicated, diligent, and loyal secretary to the Jin family who controls the successful Soonyang Group corporate empire.

But one day, the family treacherously betrays him and accuses him of embezzlement. He passes away shortly after but is magically “brought back to life” when he awakens within the body of Jin Do Joon, the family’s youngest male.

Reborn Rich Episode 15

On the anniversary of his grandfather’s passing, our protagonist, Do Joon, eventually acquires majority ownership of the Sunyani Group in episode 15. Do Joon could not run the business independently despite owning most shares because Yang Cheol’s eldest son Jin Young Ki was still receiving support from the management.

The new Law Minister, on the other hand, conducts raids on the major corporations. They ultimately discover that Do Joon had already purchased Sunyang Card Company from his uncle, Jin Dong Ki, using slash funds. Do Joon was detained as a suspect without a warrant because he might tamper with the evidence.

After their breakup, he first encounters Min Young. Min Young was convinced that her ex-boyfriend was framed while looking into him. Jin-Dong Ki eventually finds himself at the prosecutor’s office after further investigation.

Dong Ki comes forward as a whistleblower after receiving no assistance from his brother. He provided the prosecution with all the details regarding his older brother’s unlawful cash and ventures.

The Sunyani Board meeting descended into pandemonium when all the unlawful actions came to light. They imposed the president on Jin Sung Joon so that he would have to deal with the legal repercussions. But under the influence of his wife, Hyun Min, Sung Joon decided to betray his father and lay all the responsibility at his feet.

Do Joon suddenly decides to spend 700 million dollars, and the board chooses to name him president of the Sunyang Group. That is when Do Joon’s desire was realized. However, at the end of the episode, someone tries to kill Do Joon by smashing his car with a truck. Yoon Hyun Woo, Do Joon’s older self from his past life, was the one who emerged from the vehicle, though.

Do Joon was eventually let go by the prosecutor’s office. He promised Min Young before he left that they would get back together romantically and that he would marry her. Does Joon then admit to turning himself into the police and framing the scheme?

Since it might include a spoiler, the official finale preview has not yet been made public. Do Joon concludes that his goal of retaliation has changed after purchasing Sunyang Group. He is now more of a Sunyang Group member than the Hyun Woo he was in his former life.

The grand finale will provide the answers to every nagging query that had the audience guessing from the very first episode. Whether Do Joon would survive this accident or not is still a mystery. However, viewers are clamoring to learn Do Joon’s killer’s identity. Hyun Woo may have been recruited to kill someone.

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Reborn Rich Episode 16 Trailer

With the debut trailer from JTBC, it is abundantly evident that we are in for yet another suspenseful story that will have us on the tip of our seats. This is where you may see it:

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