Reduce face fat by consuming these two delicious things daily

If the face looks very full and bulky, then the age appears to be many years older. Therefore, it becomes very important to reduce the fat deposited on the face. For this, if you are adopting face yoga, staging and other methods, then it is a very good thing. Along with these, add this healthy and easy trick mentioned here. By doing this, your face will be slim, the stomach will be clean and digestion will also be right.

Face yoga is usually used to overcome the problem of facial obesity and double chin. Which is one of the most correct method and effective solution. But along with this, you can reduce the fat of your face quickly by consuming two things regularly. So that your face looks more attractive and features more sharp.

Consuming fennel and sugar candy is a part of Indian food. Fennel and sugar candy are often eaten in our homes to pacify post-meal sweet cravings. However, now this trend has changed and people eat sweets fiercely. The result of this is being seen in the form of ever-increasing sugar patients. After the meal, take some sugar candy and eat it with a spoonful of fennel. Do not chew them immediately. Rather, do this munching for as long as possible. Chewing fennel in this way several times a day will help you reduce the fat of the cheeks and get rid of the problem of double chin.

The problem of fat is usually seen in people who have a lazy lifestyle. When this happens, the stomach is often upset and digestion does not happen properly. Which causes fat gain and bloating. To avoid this problem, put green cardamom in your mouth after a meal or whenever you feel like eating it slowly. Make a target that you will finish this cardamom put in the mouth in half an hour or you will chew it for an hour. By doing this, there will be continuous exercise of the mouth and eating green cardamom also improves digestion.