Release Date of Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 81: Masked Ijin is Out!

Mercenary Enrollment depicts the protagonist as a vigilante masked by a mask who helps his friends in need. As part of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81, Yu Ijin will confront Kilsoo’s gang. By the end of the last chapter, Kilsoo finally admitted that he had attacked all of Doosik’s hiding places. Since he returned from Russia, Doosik has been his target. Kilsoo believed Dossik had lost his way as a gang boss and delinquent.

When Kilsoo asked Doosik to expand his territory with him, Doosik turned him down and became a target. Yu Ijin and Doosik have become close and formed a bond, though he does not usually show concern for his friends, he does come to Doosik’s aid when needed. When Doosik found out that his brother Hyungseok got caught by Kilsoo and is getting tortured, he asked for Ijin’s help. Ijin finally comes to the rescue as a masked fan as always.

As shown in High School Mercenary 81 English Chapter, Ijin defeats all Kilsoo’s goons and saves Hyungseok. It is hoped that Doosik finally gets his revenge next time. Additionally, the Mercenary Enrollment anime may be announced around the time of Demon Slayer Season 3 as well.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 Raw Scans

In the next chapter, fans can finally see the fight between Kilsoo and Ijin that they have been waiting for three chapters. For the first time, we’ll be publishing raw scans of Mercenary Enrollment 81. On the JHS Studio website, early scans will be available to read starting Thursday, April 14th, 2022.

The redrawing and translation process will take between 17 and 24 hours to complete. Afterward, the English chapter will be published, maybe on the same date as Secret Class Chapter 125. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 English scans will be available on Line Webtoon on April 16th, 2022. As of today, raw scan translations of Chapter 81 have been released and English translations will follow very soon.

The Masked Man: Yu Ijin

Ijin never turns down an offer of help. Sadly, Doosik has problems. Hyung-seok, his brother, has been kidnapped by Kilsoo, who is torturing him at the moment. Doosik turned to Ijin for help when he saw no hope. Toward the end of Chapter 80, we see a masked man entering Kilsoo’s pub, where Hyungseok is being tortured. Ijin has already defeated the first line of defense outside the pub and now it is only up to the defenders inside.

It will be exciting to see Ijin in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 fight Kilsoo and his man. He is always calm, and he will be able to defeat them one by one. Ijin met Doosik in the same manner, but things went in a different direction this time. In contrast to Doosik, Ijin will not befriend Kilsoo at the end of this arc.

There will be a bloody battle between Ijin and Kilsoo, driving Kilsoo out of Doosik’s city for good. The city will once again experience peace. In addition to Doosik’s knowledge of Kilsoo’s character, he knows that Kilsoo will continue to wreak havoc in the city if left unchecked, so he must be killed soon. And who better than Ijin to do that?

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