RM is Likely to Be the Next BTS Member to Enlist

RM is Likely to Be the Next BTS Member to Enlist: Now that Jin has enlisted for his country’s required military service, the rest of BTS will presumably follow suit. The eldest member of the group, Jin, reported for basic training at the ROK Army’s new recruit training centre in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-province, on the afternoon of December 13.

Since he’s the first member of BTS to enlist, the rest of the band came with him to the recruiting station to show their support. There has been much back-and-forth over the past few months about whether or not the group would be granted an exemption from mandatory military service in recognition of the significant contributions they have made to the country.

RM is Likely to Be the Next BTS Member to Enlist
RM is Likely to Be the Next BTS Member to Enlist

On the other hand, the members have been saying they intend to serve their country when the time comes. Seeing as how Jin has joined up, the rest of the group should do the same, one by one.

A recent statement RM made on SUGA‘s discussion show ‘SuChwiTa‘ has sparked rumours that he may be the next to enrol in mandatory military service. RM mentioned his ambitions for the future on the show, saying things like, “In 2025, I will have completed my military service and will have started to grow my hair again.”

With this comment in mind, many have assumed that RM will soon join the military in order to fulfil his necessary service and receive his discharge in 2025.

According to reports, SUGA has been assigned to public service in lieu of performing his necessary military duties due to a shoulder ailment he sustained a few years ago. Consequently, RM will likely be the next recruit.

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