RM Talks About Feeling Overpowered By BTS And Losing His Way

RM Talks About Feeling Overpowered By BTS And Losing His Way. RM of BTS worries that he may lose his individual artistic vision if he devotes all of his time and energy to the group. The musician appeared in Rolling Stone’s “Musicians On Musicians” interview alongside Pharrell Williams, and their easy rapport was palpable throughout the conversation.

By probing Pharrell with questions about his work and career, RM gave the Korean a fresh perspective on a seasoned performer. In the middle of the conversation, Pharrell admitted that after his 2006 album “In My Mind” failed to meet expectations, he too had lost his artistic direction and motivation to keep making music.

Since his future goal was crystal clear—he simply wanted his music to be the greatest it could be—he also noted that he was no longer considering his ego when making music. While talking to Pharrell, RM voiced his worry about losing his enthusiasm for music if he focuses solely on BTS by saying he is still unsure and is in the process of figuring it out in response to Pharrell’s question about his process and taste in music since his beginning.

Fearing that music might no longer be his first priority one day, the BTS member expressed his anxiety to Pharrell, who sought to reassure him by reminding him that everything has its time and that he should follow his gut.

Netizens have taken notice of the chat, with many agreeing that the confidence with which Pharrell Williams spoke to RM is all the musician needs at the moment, given that he is now working on his solo project and should not feel bad for being focused just on him and not on BTS as a whole.

Heavy in spirit, BTS revealed at FESTA 2022 that they would be taking a sabbatical. To be clear, the South Korean boy band is not breaking up; they just need some space to focus on their separate projects. BTS’s leader RM (real name: Kim Nam-Joon) recently admitted that the group was drifting aimlessly. After the 2020 release of Dynamite, RM claimed he lost control.

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